Congressional Democrats don’t care about border security, the government shutdown or the American people. They proved it yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon President Trump addressed the nation sharing his plan for border security and ending the government shutdown.  The President presented a plan that was developed in cooperation with experts and included compromises.  Much of what the President proposed has been agreed upon by Democrats in the past.   I ended my blog post yesterday by saying that if Nancy Pelosi does not take the President’s proposal seriously and give it due consideration – even if that means negotiating parts of the President’s plan – it should become glaringly obvious to the American people that the Democrats only priority is opposing the President and denying him a win on a key campaign issue.

Unfortunately for the 800,000 government workers not receiving a paycheck and the thousands more who depend on the government for assistance the Democrats rejected the President’s offer without review or consideration.  In fact before Trump even made his address to the nation Pelosi called his plan a “non-starter”.  Congressional Democrats continue to use the American people as pawns in their partisan political game.

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Do you notice the words that Democratics are not using? Words like “Compromise” or “Negotiate” or saying “This is a good starting point”.  Nothing.  Just their continued opposition of the President at the cost of the American people.

I also find it interesting that Congressional Democrats want the President to reopen the government THEN they will negotiate.   These people have proven they cannot be trusted.  The President needs to stand his ground or else border security will never happen.

Fortunately for the American people there are some who are putting us first.

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Jeanine Pirro of Fox News shared her explanation.

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Newt Gingrich, Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin chimed in.

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We also heard from Press Secretary Sarah Sanders

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When are the American people going to get mad?  When are uninformed Liberals going to stop falling for the propaganda the Democratic party is feeding them?  This is not about a government shutdown, border security, immigration or anything other than the radical left opposing President Trump and denying him a win on a key issue from his campaign.  The Democrats want to win at all costs.  They are using the American people as pawns with no regard for the impact they are having on the very people they were elected to represent.

The Democrats are proposing no solutions and opposed the President’s plan before he even announced it.  Pelosi did propose electronic dogs at border crossings.  That should solve our border crisis Madam Speaker.  Excellent work.   Our Senators from New Jersey Cory Booker and Robert Menendez keep screaming about “Trump’s Shutdown” but I’ve yet to see either of them propose a single solution.

Don’t forget that these Democrats previously agreed there is a crisis on our southern border and largely agreed with the President’s proposed solutions.

How long are we going to allow radical left wing Democrats in Congress to let 800,000 government employees and the thousands who depend on the government for assistance  to suffer while they prove they can oppose the President at all costs?  It’s enough.  The President has offered a fair solution and made concessions.  Congressional Democrats will not even consider the President’s proposal.  How much more do Liberals in this country need to see before they realize that Congressional Democrats don’t care about any of us?

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