Nancy Pelosi is right. Walls are immoral. Let’s use electronic dogs instead (please note sarcasm).

The severity of Nancy Pelosi’s case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (which Psychology Today speculates may be a legitimate mental condition) is deepening.  The House Speaker is so desperate to oppose President Trump on the border wall (you remember the border wall that Democrats wanted until then candidate Trump made it a campaign issue) and pander to the radical left that she’ll propose any solution to the crisis at our southern border (a crisis she no longer acknowledges) no matter how ridiculous.  Her latest?  Electronic dogs at the border.

During Pelosi’s weekly press conference she suggested electronic dogs at border crossings.  I applaud Speaker Pelosi for looking out for the American tax payers.  Electronic dogs don’t need to be walked and fed like regular dogs.  Think about the cost savings in dog walkers and dog food!  Why didn’t Trump propose this solution?  Liberals are right.  The President is incompetent and should be impeached.   Again please note sarcasm.

Pelosi suggests we use electronic dogs to scan cars coming through the ports of entry to detect guns and drugs.  Let me be the first to say (and probably literally the first to ever say) Pelosi is a genius.  Electronic dogs.  I’m speechless.

Of course Pelosi only talks about guns and drugs since suddenly the radical left supports open borders and illegal immigrants despite their prior position otherwise.  She also only addresses ports of entry.  As we know drug dealers, gun dealers and those who wish to cross the border illegally show up at official ports of entry proclaiming “Hi I’m here!!”.   Using Pelosi’s logic we can fire the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agents who work hard to protect our southern border.  No one crosses other than at official ports of entry right Madam Speaker?

That is simply not true as we know thousands of people illegally cross our southern border every year to import illegal drugs or to illegally immigrate to the U.S.

pelosi mad

The reality is the Speaker knows that border security continues to be one of the most important issues facing America.  President Trump has said that illegal immigration costs the United States $250 billion per year.  The Pew Research Center found that of the 11.3 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. in 2016 an estimated 5.6 million were from Mexico.  In a recent 5 day ICE operation in New Jersey ICE officers arrested 105 illegal immigrants.  Of those about 80% of them had prior criminal convictions and several are wanted by Interpol for crimes in their home countries.  The criminal records of those arrested include international warrants and convictions for indecent acts by compulsion causing bodily injury, distribution of psychotropic drugs, fraud, forcible touching of a child, distribution of narcotics, prostitution with a child, endangering the welfare of a child, distribution of narcotics on school grounds, aggravated assault, possession of a weapon, possession and distribution of narcotics, bank fraud, criminal sexual contact, conspiracy to commit robbery and suspicion of being a member of a street gang.  ICE continues to work hard to protect America but a barrier at our southern border remains critical to American safety and security.

While Pelosi and Democratic Congressional leadership are using the American people as pawns in their political game 800,000 government workers are not getting paid.  Thousands of others who depend on the government for assistance are left in the cold.  Democrats are holding the country hostage over an issue they supported before then candidate Trump made it a campaign issue.  Unfortunately there are Liberal sheep in this country who are falling for the Democrats lies and propaganda.

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