You know NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is radical left when The View Hosts challenge him!

Radical Left New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio appeared on The View Wednesday to tout his socialist agenda including free government run healthcare and a more fair New York (he must be reading from the same script as New Jersey Governor Murphy).  It seemed not to go as he had planned.

The interview started off well for de Blasio as he explained his new healthcare program called NYC Care and the audience applauded.  NYC Care will provide healthcare for 600,000 New Yorkers who do not current have health insurance including 300,000 illegal undocumented immigrants.  Had I been conducting the interview I would have asked wasn’t this the point of Obamacare being shoved down our throats?

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Unbelievably it didn’t take long for the normally Republican bashing hosts to challenge the Liberal Democrat Mayor.

“People are saying ‘I don’t want my taxpayer dollars to pay for it.  What about fears that homeless people will come to the city in search of free health care?” asked Sunny Hostin.

“If you have people who are flocking here, because I’m assuming they will to get free health care, how do you pay for that?” Abby Huntsman asked.

de Blasio responded that he doesn’t foresee that becoming a problem. “Where we’ve seen the homeless problem is warmer environments.  People go to the west coast.  They go to places that are warmer”.   Is de Blasio trying to convince anyone who has been in New York that there is not a homeless problem?  Does he suffer from the same mental block that makes New Jersey Governor Murphy believe illegal undocumented immigrants will not flock to New Jersey for sanctuary making him believe that illegal undocumented immigrants will not flock to New York City for free healthcare?

Meghan McCain questioned how well NYC Care will work compared to flaws in federal run health care programs like the Veterans Administration. “Do you think the VA is run well and it’s a great medical organization?  It’s government run healthcare. You think there is a difference what’s going to happen in NY and what happens at the VA?  Veterans died waiting to get healthcare”.

de Blasio’s answer was as lame as his program “Yes, we’re closer to the ground.  And we are accountable to our own people”.

Whoopi Goldberg challenged de Blasio about bike lanes “What feasibility did you all do when you decided to put these in?” she asked.  “You go through the city with a police escort.  I come in every day. I find that because you can’t make a turn anywhere, you can’t go straight anywhere. When there’s a storm people can’t move anywhere because you got all these medians in the way. I’m just saying, you might want to take a look at this”.

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de Blasio unveiled his new health care program last week guaranteeing health care to all city residents regardless of their ability to pay or immigration status.  Undocumented illegal immigrants will have the same healthcare card and access to  taxpayer funded healthcare including primary care, specialty care, maternity care, pediatric care and mental health services.  The program is slated to begin this summer staring in the Bronx.  It’s estimated NYC Care will costs New York taxpayers $100 million a year. de Blasio has said “We have a way to provide direct health care to a lot of our neighbors who happen to be undocumented. They’re still part of our community. They need health care; their families need health care”.  I pay $27,00 per year for my healthcare Mayor and I am a legal U.S. Citizen!

In a November interview with New York Magazine de Blasio said that the average American should not have a right to control property.  de Blasio said the government should control property.  In that interview he admitted to his “socialistic impulse”.

What is wrong with Democratic leaders in this country.  Not only are they aggressively trying to move our nation towards socialism they defy federal immigration law.  The Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution ensures that federal powers trump (pun intended) state powers when it comes to functions that are the federal government’s responsibility.  Immigration laws are the responsibility of the federal government.  In addition illegal (there is a reason the word illegal is there) undocumented (the politically correct term Liberals like to use instead of illegal) immigrants have no rights in this country.  They have entered our country illegally (there is that word again), are not United States citizens and have no rights in this country.  I take that back.  I support their right to a bus ride back to the border.

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