Senator Menendez is angry at Fox News for reporting he was on the beach in Puerto Rico during the government shutdown.

By now we’ve all seen the picture of Menendez shirtless on the beach in Puerto Rico with a woman during the government shutdown.  Menenzez traveled to Puerto Rico on a chartered flight with 30 other Democratic lawmakers, 109 lobbyists and corporate executives and their families to attend the Congressional Hispanic Caucus BOLD PAC winter retreat in San Juan.  The weather forecast in San Juan was sunny and 80 degrees.  Meanwhile the 5,487 New Jerseyans who work for government agencies that are not funded due to the shutdown were stuck in 31 degrees, snow and worried about how they will feed their families.  Menendez doesn’t seemed concerned about the government shutdown while he’s enjoying a $429 per night oceanfront resort in San Juan.

Fox News Producer David McAlpine Tweeted the picture on Saturday which was Day 22 of the Federal Government shutdown.  The picture quickly went viral on social media.  On Monday Fox & Friends showed the picture 14 times.

menendez fox tweet

Yesterday Menendez took out his anger on Fox News Reporter Rob Schmitt for Fox sharing the photo.  “You could have had hours and hours and hours of meetings and you chose one thing for an hour” Menendez told Schmitt as he walked away from him.  Schmitt responded “I want to be fair I just want to ask you….”.  Menendez cut him off responding “You’re neither fair nor balanced. So, thank you”.

Menendez appears to be angry that he was caught on the beach with a woman.  While President Trump is in the White House waiting for Democrats to negotiate an end to the government shutdown Menendez is enjoying his winter retreat.   It makes one question how concerned Menendez is about the 5,487 New Jerseyans who are going without a paycheck due to the shutdown.  Menendez has taken the opportunity to blame President Trump for the shutdown on social media and insist the President get the government working again but while the President is ready and willing to sit with Democrats Menendez is on the beach with a woman.


Is it any surprise Menendez is being disingenuous?  You’ll recall that Menendez was  indicted in 2015 on charges of bribery, fraud, and lying to federal prosecutors about his involvement in an illegal immigration fraud . While a jury deadlocked and a Judge declared a mistrial the Senate Ethics Committee formally reprimanded Menendez saying he broke federal law “You failed to publicly disclose certain gifts as required by Senate Rule and federal law”.  The letter from the Senate Ethics Committee continued “Additionally, while accepting these gifts you used your position as a member of the Senate to advance Dr. Melgen’s personal and business interests”.

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