Everyone is welcome here. Unless here is Nancy Pelosi’s lawn.

I have never met Investigative journalist Laura Loomer but she is my hero.  Loomer brought three illegal immigrants – 2 from Mexico and 1 from Guatemala – who she met at the Mexican border to Pelosi’s multi-million dollar estate, climbed the wall, set up a tent on her lawn , painted the word “Immorality” in large red letters, hung pictures of people murdered by illegal immigrants then read off each of their names while live streaming the entire thing.  Loomer even approached Pelosi’s front door so see if it was locked saying “only bigots lock their doors” and “come on you can’t say everyone is welcome here then lock your door”.  Pelosi who is part of the Democratic Congressional leadership causing the government shutdown by fighting President Trump on border security had the police remove Loomer and her illegal immigrant friends.  When the police asked them for ID Loomer told the officers “I thought IDs were racist.  I’m so confused”.

Pelosi has said “a wall is an immorality.  It’s not who we are as a nation” yet she has a wall protecting her property.

pelosi wall

After climbing the wall onto Pelosi’s property Loomer said on video “Here I am on Nancy Pelosi’s lawn in sanctuary state California.  I really need a sanctuary and I really felt like since Nancy Pelosi said everyone is welcome here I’d be welcome on her front lawn.  I met some friends yesterday at the Mexican border and we crossed over.  There wasn’t even a wall (at the border).  It was so easy to get over”.

Loomer told her illegal immigrant friends “we need to set up sanctuary here because Nancy is a very very rich democrat and believes that everyone is welcome here and asylum is a human right”.

As they were setting up the tent Loomer said “everybody has been wondering where does this caravan go?  Because asylum is a human right and everyone is welcome here everyone in the caravan is going to come here.  Nancy Pelosi has this beautiful sanctuary for all of us.  It’s a beautiful sanctuary.   I’m just so thankful to Nancy.  Everyone is welcome here”.


Loomer said “Nancy Pelosi’s favorite word is immorality so we painted her a beautiful mural”.  They then chanted “everyone is welcome here undocumented and unafraid”.


Loomer announced she was going to try Pelosi’s front door to see if it was locked.  She said “I’m going to be so disappointed if I find out Nancy is a bigot who locks her doors.  I’m going to go find out”.  Upon finding the locked door she said “I’m so heartbroken.  Nancy’s door is locked.  She said everyone is welcome here.  I wanted to get a sandwich from her kitchen but the door is locked”.


Loomer went back to the tent and read off the names of the people pictured who had been murdered by illegal immigrants saying “everyone is welcome here in sanctuary state California except…..” before reading each of the names.


It wasn’t long before police arrived.  When police asked the group for ID Loomer told them “I thought we didn’t need driver licenses in California that it’s a form of profiling?”  When the police told her she was trespassing she responded “I’m really confused Nancy said everyone is welcome here”.   She told them “What’s trespassing?  I reject those facts.”  She then asked “Didn’t Democrats say ID is racist?”

Loomer told the camera “Nancy said sanctuary is a human right and all I did was come here for sanctuary”.

Someone off camera then said “since the government is shut down and she’s not doing anything to open it because she’s focused on the immorality I’m sure she will call and say it’s all good”.

cops nancy 3

The officers asked everyone to produce ID and said the illegal immigrants would have to come with them if they did not have ID.  “I was told IDs were racist.  I’m so confused” Loomer told the Officers.  The officers removed the illegal immigrants from Pelosi’s property and had them ticketed instead of detained.

Ultimately everyone was released and left peacefully.

cops nancy 4

The video is a little over 2 hours long but if you have the time it’s worth the watch.

Loomer’s point was well made and I applaud her for doing what the rest of us are thinking!  Is anyone surprised that Nancy Pelosi would not allow the same illegal immigrants to invade her property that she expects us to allow to invade our country?


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