What about the children?

While Liberals continue to push their narrative of kids being separated from their parents at the border to their uninformed base they seem to have forgotten how a prior Democratic administration treated one immigrant child.  Elián González’s mother died escaping the Castro regime in Cuba to give her son a better life in America.  The Clinton administration seized the boy at gunpoint and returned him to Cuba.

Five year old Elián González was found on Thanksgiving day 1999 in an inner tube 3 miles off the Fort Lauderdale coast by fisherman.  It was learned that his mother and 10 others perished during their journey from Cuba to the United States.  Although the fishermen feared the boy would be returned to Cuba because he had not yet reached the U.S. coast they turned him over to the U.S. Coast Guard with assurances he would not be sent back to Cuba.  The Coast Guard told the fishermen that the boy would be taken ashore for medical treatment making him eligible to stay in the U.S.   Once the boy received medical treatment he was released to his  great-uncle, Lázaro González in Miami’s Little Havana.  They intended to apply for an extreme hardship Visa so Elián could stay in the U.S. as was his mother’s dying wish.

The next day the González family was told that a government representative would be coming to get the boy.  Fidel Castro was insisting Elián be returned to his father Juan Miguel González in Cuba.  This set off an international custody dispute between the U.S. and Cuban governments with Castro demanding the boy be returned to Cuba within 72 hours.

Despite the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that Elián was to remain in the U.S. until his Miami relatives could ask for asylum at a May hearing Attorney General Janet Reno, with the full backing of then President Clinton, ordered the boy to returned to his father by April 13th.  The boy’s family refused to return the boy and on April 20th Reno instructed federal law enforcement to take custody of Elián.  In a predawn raid on April 22nd 130 federal agents with machine guns forced their way into the home of Elián’s relatives and took the terrified boy by force.


People around the world will always remember this photo of a federal agent taking Elián at gunpoint.

Elián’s mother died trying to fulfill her dream of escaping Cuba and giving the boy a better life in America.  Before the Federal Court even had an opportunity to make a ruling the Clinton Administration ordered that the boy be taken from his Miami relatives by force and returned to his father in Cuba.

Why have Democrats changed their minds?  I submit that no one has changed their mind.  They are being disingenuous and using the image of children at our southern border to detract from what is really going on at the border in an attempt to deny President Trump a win on a key campaign issue.

It’s time that we tell Democratic leadership that we’ve had enough of them putting partisan politics and opposition to our President above the safety and security of Americans and government operations.  We are tired of Congressional leadership using the American people as pawns in their game.

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