Informed Conservative week in review 1/7/19 through 1/13/19.

The Informed Conservative Blog focused more on national politics this week as the federal government shutdown reaches it’s 23rd day.  This week we asked what impact the federal government shutdown is having on New Jersey, if there is a mental health crisis in the Democratic party, we discussed the President’s address to the nation and the Democrats lack of credible response, asked you to take action and tell Governor Murphy that you oppose driver licenses for illegal immigrants, asked when Democrats started hating America, where Democrats are while President Trump is working to end the shutdown and reminded you of Elián González.

Monday 1/7/19As the partial government shutdown entered day 17 what impact is it having on New Jersey?

I have been getting messages on social media from people concerned about the impact the partial government shut down will have on them.  People are hearing and reading different things and afraid.  Much of the time what people are hearing is being put out there by those with an agenda.  As we entered day 17 without an end in sight we discussed how the partial government shutdown is impacting those of us in New Jersey.

The most obvious impact is on those who work for federal agencies that are not funded during the shutdown.  There are 5,487 New Jerseyans who work for a federal government agency not currently funded.  Those people are either working not knowing when they will get paid or they are furloughed.  The federal Office of Personnel Management has provided an information and resources page for those on furlough.  For other information on federal departments that may have an impact on you click the link above to visit the post.

People are also asking when will the shutdown end?  There appears to be no clear answer in sight.  Republicans and Democrats continue to be far apart on talks to end the shutdown as President Trump remains firm on his instance of a border wall and Democrats refuse to negotiate.  The President has said repeatedly that he doesn’t want to ban immigration into the U.S. but wants to make sure immigrants come legally.  Trump has even said he’d negotiate a path to citizenship for those who are already here.  Democrats are unwilling to be flexible in an apparent attempt to deny the President a win on a key issue he he campaigned on.  Congressional Democrats and even President Obama supported border security (including a wall) until President Trump did.



Tuesday 1/8/19.  Is there a mental health crisis within the Democratic party?

Psychology Today speculates that Trump Derangement Syndrome may be a legitimate mental condition.  In one of the worst cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome we’ve seen Democratic Senators Cory Booker and Robert Menendez along with Democratic Congressmen Albio Sires and Donald Payne Jr held a news conference at Newark Liberty International Airport in an apparent attempt to sway opinion before President Trump’s address to the nation.  Menendez told the press that the President’s address should come with a warning to viewers that “the comments you are about to hear are not based on fact and are likely to include misinformation, blatant lies and fear mongering”.    It seems to me that it is Menendez, Booker, Sires and Payne who are pandering to the uninformed with misinformation, blatant lies and fear mongering.

I agreed with some of what Booker, Menendez, Sires and Payne said.  It is true that 800,000 federal workers, their families and countless Americans across the country that depend on the federal government are being treated like pawns in a political game.  Where I disagree is it is the Congressional Democrats, not President Trump who are responsible.

While President Trump remains firm on his insistence of $5.6 billion for a wall along our southern border he has been willing to negotiate on other issues.  Congressional Democrats, many of which (including President Obama) supported border security (including a wall) until President Trump used the issue in his campaign refuse to negotiate any path to ending the shutdown that includes a border wall. The President has said repeatedly that he doesn’t want to ban immigration into the U.S. but wants to make sure immigrants come legally.  Trump has even said he’d negotiate a path to citizenship for those so called dreamers who are already here.  President Trump has also agreed to a steel wall rather than a concrete wall as a concession to Democrats.  Trump said “They don’t like concrete so we’ll give them steel”.  Democrats are unwilling to negotiate in an apparent attempt to deny the President a win on a key issue he he campaigned on.  Trump has insisted he wants to make a deal but Democrats refuse to make any deal that includes funding a border wall.

In talking about the government shutdown Congressional Democrats seem to forget that they shut down the government from October 1st to October 17th 2013 over maintaining funding for the failed Affordable Care Act.  An interim appropriations bill was signed and the government resumed operations on October 17th.  During that shutdown approximately 800,000 federal employees were furloughed and another 1.3 million were required to report to work not knowing when they would get paid.  The 2013 shutdown was the 3rd longest in U.S. history.

It’s clear that Congressional Democrats are suffering from a mental health crisis.  Won’t you please help?  In the upcoming elections please vote Democrats out of office so they can get the help they need to recover from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

idiots 2


Wednesday 1/9/19The President spoke on border Security Tuesday night.  Democratic leadership almost responded.

President Trump addressed the nation Tuesday night on border security and the government shutdown.  The President called the situation at our southern border a “growing humanitarian and security crisis”, a “A crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul” and said it was a “cycle of human suffering” that he is determined to end.  Trump’s message was on point and consistent with what he’s been telling the American people since he began his campaign to become President.  We need border security.  The President has said repeatedly that he doesn’t want to ban immigration into the U.S. but wants to make sure immigrants come here legally.  Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer responded minutes after the President concluded his address.  Their response reminded me of one of the courtroom scenes in the movie My Cousin Vinny “Everything that guy just said is bulls*it.  Thank you”.

The President said that his proposal was developed by “law enforcement professionals and border agents at the Department of Homeland Security”  The proposal includes “cutting edge technology for detecting drugs, weapons, illegal contraband and many other things”  The administration has requested more agents and immigration judges to process the sharp rise of unlawful migration.  The proposal also an urgent request for humanitarian assistance and medical support and a plan to close border security loopholes so that “illegal immigrant children can be safely and humanely returned back home”.  The President is asking for $5.7 billion for a physical barrier.  The President says that “at the request of Democrats it will be a steel barrier rather than a concrete wall”.

If you missed the President’s address you can watch it below.

The President continued “Democrats in Congress have refused to acknowledge the crisis and they have refused to provide our brave border agents with the tools they desperately need to protect our families and our nation.  The federal government remains shut down for one reason and one reason only, because Democrats will not fund border security. My administration is doing everything in our power to help those impacted by the situation, but the only solution is for Democrats to pass a spending bill that defends our borders and reopens the government”.  The Administration has met with Congressional Democrats numerous times and has invited them to another meeting at the White House today.  The President says “this situation could be solved in a 45 minute meeting. I have invited congressional leadership to the White House tomorrow to get this done. Hopefully we can rise above partisan politics in order to support national security”.

The President closed his address by saying “To every member of Congress.  Pass a bill that ends this crisis.  To every citizen.  Call Congress and tell them to finally, after all of these decades secure our border.  This is a choice between right and wrong, justice and injustice.  This is about whether we fulfill our sacred duty to the American citizens we serve.  When I took the oath of office I swore to protect our country and that is what I will always do so help me God”.

Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer responded moments later.  Pelosi spoke first choosing to not address the crisis at our southern border but blaming President Trump for the government shutdown and calling him a liar.  Pelosi said ” Sadly much of what we heard from President Trump throughout this senseless shutdown has been full of misinformation and even malice”.  Of course she didn’t disprove a single thing the President said in his address but the truth doesn’t seem to matter to Democrats anymore.  The Speaker’s solution to border security is to “build the infrastructure and roads at our ports of entry” and “install new technology to scan cars and trucks for drugs” and “hire the personnel we need to facilitate trade and immigration at the border” saying “we can fund more innovation to detect unauthorized crossings”.

It was then Schumer’s turn.  Schumer started by saying “The president of the United States, having failed to get Mexico to pay for his ineffective, unnecessary border wall, and unable to convince the Congress or the American people to foot the bill, has shut down the government”.  He accused President Trump of having a “temper tantrum” and said “No president should pound the table and demand he gets his way or else the government shuts down”.  Like Pelosi Schumer did not address the crisis at the border but chose to attack the President closing his remarks by saying “The symbol of America should be the Statue of Liberty, not a 30 foot wall”.

Schumer of course is being disingenuous.  He like other congressional Democrats was a supporter of border security and a physical barrier at our southern border before the President made it a campaign issue.

And Pelosi really?  That’s your plan?  Better roads at border crossings?  Technology to scan cars and trucks for drugs?  Thank you Speaker!  What an innovative suggestion since we know that every illegal immigrant, human trafficker and drug smuggler crosses at an established border crossing!

The reality is Congressional Democrats refuse to acknowledge the crisis at our southern border and the impact that crisis is having on the American people.  It is Democratic leadership not the President who is having a “temper tantrum” and holding the American people hostage.  Neither Pelosi or Schumer acknowledged Newman California Police Officer Ronil Singh who was killed  during a traffic stop by an illegal immigrant from Mexico with a prior criminal record hours after Officer Singh celebrated Christmas with his wife and young son.  They fail to mention the countless others who have fallen victim to violent crimes at the hands of illegal immigrants.  They won’t acknowledge the alarming amount of drugs that pass through our southern border and the lives impacted.  No talk about the human traffickers who use our southern border for the sex trade.  You won’t hear from Pelosi or Schumer on the financial impact illegal immigration has on the American tax payer.

Congressional Democrats know that President Trump’s plan for border security is the right strategy but they refuse to give him a win on a key campaign issue he ran on.  These same Democrats were in agreement with the actions the President wants to take at our southern border until Trump started talking about it.  Democratic leadership suffers from such a case of Trump Derangement Syndrome that they are willing to sacrifice the safety and security of the American people to oppose this President.  They are willing to allow 800,000 federal workers, their families and countless Americans across the county that depend on the federal government to be pawns in their political game.

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Thursday 1/10/19.  Take action!  Tell Governor Murphy you oppose driver licenses for illegal immigrants.

You have to hand it to Governor Murphy.  He’s doing exactly what he told us he’d do.  He told us he’d make New Jersey a sanctuary state.  He told us he’d push for a $15 minimum wage and legalized recreational marijuana.  He even told us he’d raise taxes!  He also said he’d push for driver licenses for illegal undocumented immigrants.  In a record low turn out at the polls New Jersey elected him anyway.  Some may say that New Jerseyans now have to take their medicine.  That we got what we deserved for not showing up to vote.  Others are willing to fight back against Murphy’s agenda they feel is wrong for New Jersey.

Three Ocean County Republicans have started the fight against Murphy’s sanctuary dream.  NJ State Senator Christopher Connors, Assemblyman Brian Rumpf and Assemblywoman DiAnne Gove have started an online petition opposing driver licenses for illegal immigrants.  They released a statement saying “Along with the benefits that New Jersey already has in place for illegal aliens, including free in-state college tuition, allowing them to obtain driver’s licenses will firmly establish New Jersey as a sanctuary state.  t’s not surprising in the least that this proposal has drawn outrage from across our legislative district”.

The proposed legislation would allow licenses for the estimated 460,000 undocumented illegal immigrants in New Jersey and would not require adherence to the six point identification verification system that legal New Jersey residents must comply with.  There are two types of licenses being proposed.  One would be strictly for driving and the other would be federal Real ID compliant allowing licenses holders to board domestic flights.   That’s right.  Just two months after the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that cost almost 3,000 Americans their lives Democrats in Trenton proposed legislation to give Real ID compliant driver licenses to undocumented illegal immigrants that would allow them to board airplanes.  Let that sink in!

Please CLICK HERE to access the petition and let Democrats in Trenton know that New Jerseyans oppose driver licenses for illegal undocumented immigrants!



Saturday 1/12/19When did Democrats start hating America and the American people?

or the past 22 days the American government has been in a partial shutdown.  Congressional leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have been shown to be disingenuous every time they’ve spoken about the shutdown as the younger generation like Cory Booker and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have taken their foolishness and lies to social media.  There is no doubt there is an emergency at our southern border that is causing a crisis across the United States.  Many prominent Democrats including Obama, Clinton, Biden, Schumer and Fienstein agreed with our border crisis and even the President’s approach to border security before then candidate Trump made border security a campaign issue.  Now Democrats are putting partisan politics before the safety and security of America.   It all leaves me wondering.  When did Democrats start hating America and the American people?

We went through the history of the Democratic party and showed that although a few Democrats over the years have tried to do right and for a time the Democratic party seemed like it was heading in the right direction you might say that factions of the Democratic party have always hated America and the American people.  The party has moved far from it’s Centrist past to something now unrecognizable.  It’s leaders put partisan politics far above America or the American people.

How then have Democrats convinced those who need the most help that the Democratic party is in their corner?  I believe it’s simple.  Those in the Democratic party are expert marketers who know how to play on the emotional issues facing the American people while Republicans speak on facts.  Of course we all know the Democrats do nothing for the very people they claim to represent but Americans fall for their rhetoric.  People vote against things not for them and the Democrats play that hand perfectly.

During the 2016 Presidential campaign Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters “Deplorable”.  During the 2008 Presidential campaign Obama said that Rust Belt voters “get bitter, cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them”.

What makes it worse that is that Democrats overwhelmingly dominate media, the news networks and our colleges and universities.  Everywhere you look is anti-Conservative and pro-Liberal propaganda.  Our kids are exposed to it on campus as we work hard to fulfill our dream of providing them a college education.  Those who do not make the effort to research fact are exposed to it every time they turn on almost any form of media or go onto the Internet and believe the Liberal propaganda.

Democrats laid the foundation long ago that is paying dividends today.  They have convinced their base that the President is lying about the need for border security and a wall.  They have used those most effected by the government shutdown as pawns in their political game.  Don’t forget as I said in the beginning of this blog post prominent Democrats including Obama, Clinton, Biden, Schumer and Fienstein agreed with our border crisis and even the President’s approach to border security before then candidate Trump made border security a campaign issue.  However they have convinced many in America that this is Trump’s shutdown and the border crisis is a Trump lie.



Sunday 1/13/19Where are prominent Democrats while President Trump is working to end the government shutdown?

President Trump has been at the White House every day working on an end to the partial government shutdown.  He even spent Christmas at the White House waiting on Democrats.  The day after Christmas the President and First Lady traveled to Iraq to visit the troops.  The President then quickly returned to the White House to work on behalf of the American people.  On Thursday he traveled to Texas to visit the Mexican border and speak to those fighting on the front lines.  After his trip to Texas he held a meeting at the White House with law enforcement officers from around the country and heard their first hand accounts of how illegal immigration has impacted their communities.  There is no doubt the President is doing his best to protect the American people and get the federal workers Democrats are using as pawns in their political game back to work.  But where are the Democrats?

While Trump spent his Christmas holiday at the White House and visiting the troops in Iraq Democrat Nancy Pelosi spent her holiday in a $10,000 per night hotel suite in Hawaii.  Completely missing the point as usual when the President criticized Pelosi for taking a Hawaiian vacation during the government shutdown she sarcastically responded “the president may not know this but Hawaii is part of the United States of America”.  Madam Speaker do you think the federal workers who are not getting paid because of the federal shutdown got to enjoy a $10,000 per night hotel suite in Hawaii over Christmas?  The President should have known better.  Your track record is not putting the American people first.  Why would he think you’d give up your vacation to Hawaii to put hundreds of thousands of Americans back to work?

Democrat Chuck Schumer spent his Christmas holiday in New York with his family seemingly unconcerned about the federal workers who spent their Christmas worried about not getting a paycheck.

As the shutdown entered day 23 we learned that Democratic Senator Robert Menendez traveled to Puerto Rico on a chartered flight with 30 other Democratic lawmakers, 109 lobbyists and corporate executives and their families to attend the Congressional Hispanic Caucus BOLD PAC winter retreat in San Juan.  The weather forecast in San Juan is sunny and 80 degrees.  I wonder how many federal workers who are not receiving paychecks are enjoying 80 degree sunny weather on vacation in Puerto Rico?  The 5,487 New Jerseyans who work for federal  government agencies that are not funded are stuck in 31 degrees and snow.  I don’t know about you but to me Menendez doesn’t appear very concerned about the New Jerseyans not getting paychecks as he has expressed on social media.  He’s spending his time living it up in a $429 per night oceanfront resort in San Juan.



Sunday 1/13/19.  What about the children?

While Liberals continue to push their narrative of kids being separated from their parents at the border to their uninformed base they seem to have forgotten how a prior Democratic administration treated one immigrant child.  Elián González’s mother died escaping the Castro regime in Cuba to give her son a better life in America.  The Clinton administration seized the boy at gunpoint and returned him to Cuba.

Five year old Elián González was found on Thanksgiving day 1999 in an inner tube 3 miles off the Fort Lauderdale coast by fisherman.  It was learned that his mother and 10 others perished during their journey from Cuba to the United States.  Although the fishermen feared the boy would be returned to Cuba because he had not yet reached the U.S. coast they turned him over to the U.S. Coast Guard with assurances he would not be sent back to Cuba.  The Coast Guard told the fishermen that the boy would be taken ashore for medical treatment making him eligible to stay in the U.S.   Once the boy received medical treatment he was released to his  great-uncle, Lázaro González in Miami’s Little Havana.  They intended to apply for an extreme hardship Visa so Elián could stay in the U.S. as was his mother’s dying wish.

Despite the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that Elián was to remain in the U.S. until his Miami relatives could ask for asylum at a May hearing Attorney General Janet Reno, with the full backing of then President Clinton, ordered the boy to returned to his father by April 13th.  The boy’s family refused to return the boy and on April 20th Reno instructed federal law enforcement to take custody of Elián.  In a predawn raid on April 22nd 130 federal agents with machine guns forced their way into the home of Elián’s relatives and took the terrified boy by force.

Elián’s mother died trying to fulfill her dream of escaping Cuba and giving the boy a better life in America.  Before the Federal Court even had an opportunity to make a ruling the Clinton Administration ordered that the boy be taken from his Miami relatives by force and returned to his father in Cuba.

Why have Democrats changed their minds?  I submit that no one has changed their mind.  They are being disingenuous and using the image of children at our southern border to detract from what is really going on at the border in an attempt to deny President Trump a win on a key campaign issue.



This week has continued to show us that Congressional Democrats use the American people as pawns in their political game. By now everyone knows this shutdown is not about border security but about Democrats denying the President a win on a key campaign issue. Prominent Democrats including Obama, Clinton, Biden, Schumer and Fienstein agreed with our border crisis and even the President’s approach to border security before then candidate Trump made border security a campaign issue.

While Democrats are enjoying oceanfront resorts hundreds of thousands of Americans who work for or depend on government agencies are worried about feeding their families and keeping a roof over their heads.

It’s time for Congressional Democrats to stop pandering to the far left wing of the Democratic party, top manipulating their base, stop taking luxury vacations, put the safety and security of the American people first and work with President Trump on a solution that will secure our borders and reopen the government.


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