Informed Conservative week in review 12/31/18 through 1/6/19.

We anticipated another slow week with the New Year’s holiday and Governor Murphy and his family on vacation in Tanzania until Wednesday.  This week we talked about Governor Cuomo of New York granting pardons and commuting the sentences of 29 illegal immigrants facing deportation for their crimes, failed 2018 Camden County Freeholder candidate Vincent Squire failing to file his financial disclosures with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission, the job market continuing to grow despite what Democrats tell you, we proposed that New Jersey follow Pennsylvania’s lead and bar convicted felons from holding elected office and politicians in New Jersey using the legal system to silence their opposition.

Monday 12/31/18.  Happy New Year from the Informed Conservative Blog.

Happy New Year!  We wish every a healthy and prosperous 2019 and thank all of your for your support.



Tuesday 1/1/19The people of New York should be outraged by Governor Cuomo’s latest announcement.

In a stunning announcement New York Governor Andrew Cuomo granted pardons to 22 criminal immigrants facing deportation and commuted the sentences of 7 more currently in prison on Monday.  This after Cuomo pardoned 8 criminal immigrants who faced deportation this past summer.   Those who were pardoned or had their sentences commuted had been convicted of crimes ranging from murder, possession of a weapon, sale of a controlled substance, robbery, possession of stolen property, larceny,  assault, arson and operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

The New York Democrat and potential 2020 Presidential candidate used the pardons to take a shot at President Trump saying “At a time when President Trump and the Federal government are waging a war on our immigrant communities,New York stands firm in our belief that our diversity is our greatest strength”.  This after Cuomo’s December 18, 2018 speech during which he declared New York’s independence from the United States.

Cuomo is putting politics before the safety and security of the citizens of New York.  These dangerous criminals came into our country, committed crimes, were convicted and by federal law face deportation for their crimes.  Governor Cuomo is sworn to serve the people of New York not the extreme liberal wing of the Democratic party.  Article VI, Paragraph 2 of the U.S. Constitution. commonly referred to as the Supremacy Clause, establishes that the federal constitution and federal law take precedence over state laws and even state constitutions. It prohibits states from interfering with the federal government’s exercise of its constitutional powers and from assuming any functions that are exclusively entrusted to the federal government. Cuomo’s powers as Governor do not trump (pun intended) the powers of the federal government.

I hope that the United States Justice Department opens an investigation on Cuomo and his treasonous acts as Governor of New York.

CUomo 3


Wednesday 1/2/19Failed Camden County Freeholder Candidate Vincent Squire still has not filed New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission reports.

Disgraced 2018 Camden County Freeholder Candidate Vincent Squire continues to ignore the law.  It appears Squire has failed to file required financial disclosures to the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission.  This blog reported on November 2, 2018 that Squire had not filed his 29-day pre-election (due October 9, 2018) or his 11-day pre-election (due October 26, 2018) financial disclosures.  Today it was confirmed with ELEC that Squire has not filed his 20-day post election disclosure that was due by November 26, 2018.  Squire being disavowed by the Camden County GOP in August thereby losing their experience and support does not give him an excuse to ignore New Jersey election law.

ELEC’s web site states that The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission is dedicated to administering “The New Jersey Campaign Contributions and Expenditures Reporting Act” in addition to other campaign laws.

It is critical that candidates running for office in New Jersey complete the legally required disclosures and that integrity in our election system is ensured.  According to NJ Administrative Code each transaction that is not reported or not filed on the date established for reporting shall constitute an offense subject to the penalties provided in N.J.S.A. 19:44A-22.

As residents we have a right and obligation ensure that candidates running for political office in New Jersey are held to high standards and follow the rules.  The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission web site provides instructions for residents with concerns to request an investigation;

“Any person may request that the Commission undertake an investigation by submitting an Investigation Request Form or a signed written statement setting forth an allegation that constitutes a potential violation of the Campaign Reporting Act, the Lobbying Act, the Personal Financial Disclosure Act, or the Uniform Recall Election Law. The written statement should be as specific as possible, identifying the name of the subject candidate and/or entity, the election and/or calendar year, and as much detail and support for the allegation as is known. A request for investigation should be forwarded to the Commission to the attention of the Review and Investigation Section at P.O. Box 185, Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0185. The submitted request must provide the name and mailing address of the person submitting it, as well as a day and evening phone number”.

Squire Mouth Open


Thursday 1/3/19Despite what Democrats tell you the job market continues to grow.

Private sector employment in the U.S. increased by 271,000 jobs from November 2018 to December 2018 exceeding Reuters estimates of 178,000 jobs according to the December ADP National Employment Report.  While Democrats act like the sky is falling the December job gain was the highest since February 2017.  This brought the monthly average job gain for 2018 to 203,000.

The U.S. labor market is considered at or beyond full employment.  The unemployment rate in November was 3.7% – the lowest since 1969.  Economists expect the December unemployment rate to remain steady at 3.7%.

In addition to the employment numbers overall the American economy grew by 3.4% in the 3rd quarter.  The American GDP is almost $1.7 trillion larger than in January 2017.  Since January 2017 more than 3 million Americans are no longer on welfare programs and there are 8 million fewer Americans living below the poverty line than 8 years ago.  In December 2018 America became the worlds largest oil producer for the first time since 1973.

The next time a Liberal tells you that President Trump is not making America great again remind them that the President is making America employed again.  And self sustaining again.  And our nation strong again.

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Friday 1/4/19New Jersey needs to follow Pennsylvania’s lead and bar convicted felons from holding elected office.

Pennsylvania’s state constitution bars convicted felons from holding elected office in the state.  Bruce Blunt the Democratic Mayor of Morton Pennsylvania was removed from office by a Common Pleas Judge on Wednesday due to a 1988 conviction for felony aggravated assault, simple assault, resisting arrest and related offenses.  It seems like a no brainier that those with felony convictions be barred from holding holding elected office.  Why does New Jersey not have a similar law?

In New Jersey those convicted of a felony are not eligible to vote while incarcerated or on parole or probation.  Once an offender completes all supervised release requirements their voting rights are automatically restored.  The law does not bar convicted felons from holding elected office.  The exception is New Jersey school boards.  A bill was signed into law in 2017 barring convicted criminals from running for boards of education.

Voters in New Jersey must insist that the legislature pass legislation barring those with felony convictions (especially convictions for financial crimes, fraud and theft) from holding elected office.  Honesty and integrity must be restored to New Jersey’s political system.  You can click here to find your representative in the state legislature.   Please contact your representative and tell them that we the voters of New Jersey insist that New Jersey follow Pennsylvania’s lead and bar convicted felons from holding elected office.

In the upcoming months the Informed Conservative Blog will be vocal on this issue.

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Sunday 1/6/19Is using the legal system the way politicians in New Jersey silence their opposition?

It seems to be a growing trend in New Jersey.  Politicians attempting to silence citizens who oppose them by using the court system.  First failed Camden County Freeholder candidate Vincent Squire filed frivolous criminal charges against this blogger in an attempt to silence this blog.  Then the hosts of the Bob & Steve radio show blogged that former Salem County Sheriff candidate Bob Gant served a Notice of Tort Claim informing the radio hosts and 18 others that he intends to sue them for $350,000.  Now New Jersey 101.5 radio is reporting that Springfield Councilman David Frank is suing three residents for defamation over a petition they submitted to the Municipal Clerk to have him recalled.  Do New Jersey politicians not believe in the First Amendment?

As I’ve said in previous blog posts Federal Courts have ruled that Bloggers have the same constitutional rights as journalists who work for established news organizations.  I believe these politicians think they can intimidate Bloggers and citizens who oppose them by filing legal actions.  As citizens we need to stand up to these politicians and let them know that we will not be intimidated!  As Bloggers will not allow our rights to be infringed because we report information that these politicians would rather not be made public.


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