Informed Conservative week in review 12/17/18 through 12/23/18.

This week on the Informed Conservative we talked about former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik calling out Governor Murphy over the high capacity magazine ban, Immigrant rights advocates demonstrating in Trenton for driver licenses for undocumented illegal immigrants, Cory Booker again being asked about his sexuality, ICE having a productive year despite Liberal opposition, Murphy highlighting his “accomplishments” in 2018, NJ Democrats censuring one of their own, the shooting in Edison being another example of NJ’s misguided gun laws, we pleaded with the people of Tanzania to keep Murphy and make him their leader and let you know how the partial government shutdown will impact us in NJ.

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Democrats partially shut down the government. What impact will it have on us in NJ?

Democrats got their way.  Funding for many government agencies ended at Midnight after Congressional Democrats blocked a spending bill over border security.  Only about 25% of the government will actually shut down.  Those deemed essential will have to continue working although it’s unknown when they will get paid.  This equates to approximately 420,000 essential workers who will have to work not knowing when their paycheck will arrive and approximately 300,000 who will go on an unpaid furlough.

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A plea to the people of Tanzania. Please keep Murphy and make him your leader.

According to a story on this morning New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and his family are heading to Tanzania for the Christmas holiday.   The Murphys leave for the African nation tonight and will not return until January 2, 2019.  This is the second time Murphy has left the country on vacation since taking office in January.  The Governor and his wife spent 11 days in Italy in July where they own a $7.3 million mansion in the town of Parrano.  Let me say that again.  The multimillionaire former Goldman Sachs executive, with an estimated worth of over $50 million, who frequently talks about income equality, owns a $7.3 million mansion in Italy in addition to a home in Berlin and his Middletown mansion.  I am not complaining about Murphy’s vacations.  In the view of many New Jerseyans every day Murphy spends outside of New Jersey is a good day!

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The latest incident in Edison further demonstrates that NJ’s gun laws are misguided.

At a Speedway gas station in Edison a store attendant was shot and killed during a robbery early this morning.  The 38 year old attendant handed over the cash draw and the suspect fired a single shot killing the attendant as he exited the store. There was another employee in the store who was not injured.  This incident further demonstrates that New Jersey’s  gun laws are misguided.

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NJ Democrats censure one of their own. It’s about time.

Earlier this year the Camden County GOP disavowed County Freeholder candidate Vincent Squire after it was discovered that Squire was not completely honest about his checkered past including his use of an alias and his second degree felony assault charges (for beating his son) which were pending in Superior Court.  Party officials also claimed to be aware of at least one cash contribution Squire accepted that he had not turned in or report to the ELEC.  At the time Republicans called on Democrats to also clean house.  Is that finally happening?

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Governor Murphy highlights “accomplishments” from his first year in office.

Today Governor Murphy highlighted his accomplishments from his first year in office live on YouTube from the St. James A.M.E Church in Newark.  What Murphy considers “accomplishments” most New Jerseyans I talk to consider further degradation of our state.  Our Governor appears to take every opportunity he can to get his face on video.  I often wonder if he wants to be Governor or a social media celebrity.  I found it telling that no members of the legislature joined Murphy for his self promoting year in review speech.  Murphy did a good job playing to his Newark audience.  I lost count how many times he said “people of color”.

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ICE had a productive year despite Liberal opposition.

According to ICE’s Fiscal Year 2018 Report ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations made 158,581 administrative arrests in fiscal year 2018.  This represents an increase over the two previous years and the highest number since FY 2014.  ICE made 15,111 more arrests in FY 2018 than in FY 2017 which is a 11% increase.  ICE had made 30% more arrests in FY 2017 than FY 2016.

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