Informed Conservative week in review 12/24/18 through 12/30/18.

We had anticipated a slow week here at the Informed Conservative Blog due to the Christmas holiday and Governor Murphy and his family traveling to Tanzania.  This week the Democratic lead federal government shut down continued, Murphy’s health insurance individual mandate takes effect in two days, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo showed us that he too suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome, Murphy’s social media feeds were on a frenzy touting his “accomplishments” during his first year in office and Murphy and AG Grewal continue to put the lives of police officers in danger with their sanctuary rules for New Jersey.

Monday 12/24/18. Merry Christmas from the Informed Conservative Blog!

We hope that everyone enjoyed the Christmas holiday with their families and may God continue to bless each of us, New Jersey and the United States of America.



Wednesday 12/26/18.  Because apparently Murphy thinks he’s more powerful than Congress the health insurance individual mandate returns to NJ on January 1, 2019.

In New Jersey Governor Murphy’s continued efforts to show he believes he’s more powerful than Washington New Jerseyans must carry health insurance by January 1, 2019 or pay a penalty. On May 30, 2018 Murphy signed the New Jersey Health Insurance Market Preservation Act bringing back the mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act that the U.S. Congress repealed in 2017.  Anyone who does not have health insurance on January 1st and does not qualify for an exemption will have to pay the penalty with their 2019 tax return.

This health insurance mandate is just another in a long line of examples of why Murphy’s vision is wrong for New Jersey.  He continues to put the financial burden on hard working New Jersey tax payers while criminals and illegal immigrants get a pass.  I seriously doubt an illegal immigrant who is working an “off the books” job in New Jersey and not filing income taxes is concerned about Murphy’s mandate.  The tax payers of New Jersey end up paying for their healthcare when they show up at public hospitals uninsured.

Additionally we the people of New Jersey must hold Murphy accountable to federal law.  Murphy seems to believe he is more powerful than the federal government when it comes to things like federal immigration law, “legalized” marijuana (which remains federally illegal), federal labor law and healthcare.  State law does not trump (pun intended) federal law.  Murphy as Governor of New Jersey is focused on thumbing his nose at the federal government with every strike of his pen rather than what is best for the people of New Jersey.  By the time Murphy is done with New Jersey the revenue and job creators will be gone and New Jersey will be a wasteland attracting illegal criminal immigrants, marijuana users and welfare program recipients.  Murphy has said he wants to make New Jersey the California of the east coast.  I believe we are heading towards the Detroit of the east coast.



Thursday 12/27/18.  In case the people of NY were jealous of the people of NJ your Governor suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome also.

In a December 16, 2018 speech New York Governor Andrew Cuomo rolled out his “2019 Justice Agenda” for the first 100 days of 2019.  In the 45-minute speech Cuomo declared New York independent from the United States of America saying “Let this agenda be New York’s Declaration of Independence.  We declare independence from this federal government’s policies”.

During his speech Cuomo, a potential candidate for president in 2020, made 32 references to Franklin D. Roosevelt and bragged about his liberal accomplishments while vowing to continue to fight the Trump administration.  Cuomo must suffer a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome saying “Ladies and gentlemen this nation is in crisis. The social fabric is fraying and it is nearing its breaking point.  “We must stand up to this tyranny once again. Not with muskets the way our founders did but with our voices and our votes and with the power and example of our action here in New York”.  He went on to say “We disconnect from the nationalism, and the racism, and the chaos, and the xenophobia, and the misogyny, and the discrimination, and the dissembling of this Washington administration.  As our forefathers rebelled against England resenting the king’s values and abuse, let us announce New York’s rebellion from the current federal policies”.

On the Governor’s web site the speech is called New York’s Declaration of Independence from Washington.

Perhaps someone will share a copy of the United States Constitution with both Governor Murphy and Governor Cuomo.  Article VI, Paragraph 2 of the U.S. Constitution is commonly referred to as the Supremacy Clause. It establishes that the federal constitution and federal law generally take precedence over state laws and even state constitutions. It prohibits states from interfering with the federal government’s exercise of its constitutional powers and from assuming any functions that are entrusted to the federal government.



Saturday 12/29/18.  NJ Governor Murphy’s social media feeds have been very active touting his first year “accomplishments”.

While New Jersey Governor Murphy and his family are spending their Christmas vacation in Tanzania his Facebook and Twitter feeds were very active Thursday.  Murphy’s accounts sent out a series of posts touting his first year “accomplishments”.  I don’t believe most New Jerseyans consider any part of Murphy’s agenda “accomplishments”.  Murphy’s vision continues to be wrong for New Jersey.  Expect Murphy to double down in 2019 including pushing for “legalized” marijuana, a $15 minimum wage and driver licenses for illegal immigrants.  Also expect New Jersey to begin to resemble Detroit as Murphy pushes the revenue generators, job creators and law abiding citizens of the state.

We don’t know if it was Murphy posting or a member of his staff but some of the first year “accomplishments” Murphy’s social media accounts bragged about include Criminal Justice Reform, Gun Safety, Healthcare, Social Justice and Immigration.

Murphy may not realize but his powers as Governor of New Jersey do not trump (pun intended) federal law.  See the reference to the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution above.

Not only is Murphy’s vision for New Jersey wrong he is costing the law abiding tax payers of New Jersey and making our state less safe.  His personal war with the Trump Administration is is putting our state on a dangerous path.  I see many New Jerseyans on social media planning to leave or asking the question “should I leave or stay and fight?”.  Murphy has only been in office for a year.  Where will New Jersey be at the conclusion of his term?

Gov Murphy


Saturday 12/29/18.  NJ Governor Murphy and Attorney General Grewal are putting the lives of police officers in danger.

In the overnight hours of December 26, 2018 33- year old Newman California Police Officer Ronil Singh was killed in the line of duty during a traffic stop.  Gustavo Perez Arriaga an illegal immigrant from Mexico with a prior criminal record, active warrants for his arrest and who is a member of the Sureños street gang was arrested in Officer Singh’s death.  Police said Officer Singh pulled Perez Arriaga over for suspicion of drunk driving when Arriaga opened fire killing Officer Singh.

Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson blamed California’s sanctuary law for preventing law enforcement from reporting Perez Arriaga to ICE at the time of his prior arrests adding that if Perez Arriaga had  been deported Officer Singh would still be alive.  “This is a criminal illegal alien with prior criminal activity that should have been reported to ICE.  We are prohibited, law enforcement was prohibited because of sanctuary laws and that led to the encounter with Officer Singh.  I’m suggesting that the outcome cold have been different if law enforcement wasn’t restricted, prohibited or had their hands tied because of political interference”.

Police say that Perez Arriaga  had illegally crossed into the United States in Arizona and was fleeing back to Mexico at the time of his arrest.

Officer Singh was a native of Fiji and had been with the Newman Police Department since July 2011.  He had previously served with the Merced County Sheriff’s Department.  He leaves behind a wife and 5-month old son.

Governor Murphy and Attorney General Grewal have set the stage for the same scenario here in New Jersey.  On November 29, 2018 Grewal released the Immigrant Trust Directive  Included in the new rules New Jersey law enforcement officers cannot turn illegal immigrants over to federal law enforcement officers for deportation or ask the immigration status of any individual unless doing so is necessary to the ongoing investigation of a serious offense and relevant to the offense under investigation.  So in New Jersey, much like California law enforcement cannot inform ICE of dangerous violent criminals and those with gang affiliations in the county illegally.  How many law enforcement officers will have to die in New Jersey before the law abiding citizens of the state have had enough of Murphy taking the state in the wrong direction and putting lives at risk?



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