Because apparently Murphy thinks he’s more powerful than Congress the health insurance individual mandate returns to NJ on January 1, 2019.

In New Jersey Governor Murphy’s continued efforts to show he believes he’s more powerful than Washington New Jerseyans must carry health insurance by January 1, 2019 or pay a penalty. On May 30, 2018 Murphy signed the New Jersey Health Insurance Market Preservation Act bringing back the mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act that the U.S. Congress repealed in 2017.

According to NJ 101.5 radio anyone who does not have health insurance on January 1st and does not qualify for an exemption will have to pay the penalty with their 2019 tax return.  The minimum payment for someone who is not covered for the entire year is $695 and a maximum of $3,265.

Much like when the federal Obamacare mandate was enacted when the Affordable Care Act became law in 2010 I believe that many New Jerseyans without health issues will find it less expensive to pay the penalty then the cost of insurance premiums through the exchange.   I am paying approximately $870 per month or $10,440 per year to insure two people.  I’d save money by paying for doctor visits and the penalty!


This health insurance mandate is just another in a long line of examples of why Murphy’s vision is wrong for New Jersey.  He continues to put the financial burden on hard working New Jersey tax payers while criminals and illegal immigrants get a pass.  I seriously doubt an illegal immigrant who is working an “off the books” job in New Jersey and not filing income taxes is concerned about Murphy’s mandate.  The tax payers of New Jersey end up paying for their healthcare when they show up at public hospitals uninsured.

Additionally we the people of New Jersey must hold Murphy accountable to federal law.  Murphy seems to believe he is more powerful than the federal government when it comes to things like federal immigration law, “legalized” marijuana (which remains federally illegal), federal labor law and healthcare.  State law does not trump (pun intended) federal law.  Murphy as Governor of New Jersey is focused on thumbing his nose at the federal government with every strike of his pen rather than what is best for the people of New Jersey.  By the time Murphy is done with New Jersey the revenue and job creators will be gone and New Jersey will be a wasteland attracting illegal criminal immigrants, marijuana users and welfare program recipients.  Murphy has said he wants to make New Jersey the California of the east coast.  I believe we are heading towards the Detroit of the east coast.

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