Informed Conservative week in review 12/17/18 through 12/23/18.

This week on the Informed Conservative we talked about former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik calling out Governor Murphy over the high capacity magazine ban, Immigrant rights advocates demonstrating in Trenton for driver licenses for undocumented illegal immigrants, Cory Booker again being asked about his sexuality, ICE having a productive year despite Liberal opposition, Murphy highlighting his “accomplishments” in 2018, NJ Democrats censuring one of their own, the shooting in Edison being another example of NJ’s misguided gun laws, we pleaded with the people of Tanzania to keep Murphy and make him their leader and let you know how the partial government shutdown will impact us in NJ.

Monday 12/17/18.  Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik calls out Governor Murphy over the high capacity magazine  ban.

Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik took to Twitter before appearing on Fox & Friends on Sunday calling out New Jersey Governor Murphy for not excluding off duty police officers from his high capacity magazine ban.  Kerik said in the Tweet “NJ Governor @GovMurphy is endangering the life of every off duty NJ cop! Gang bangers, drug thugs and really bad guys don’t give a damn about magazine capacity.  So he takes the good guy’s ammunition, and the bad guys are loaded for bear!”.  As we reported on Saturday the law does not make an exception for off duty law enforcement officers.

Kerik blasted Governor Murphy. saying the law is not only “outrageous,” it also puts officers at risk.  Kerik said “You’re taking the ability away from the cops to possess the rounds they may need in a gun battle. That’s insane”.  Kerik went on to say  “It’s one thing if you violate a rule of a department but this is a law. A criminal law, and it makes you, then, a criminal. So, this is just crazy.”



Immigrant rights activists demonstrate in Trenton for a bill to allow driver licenses for undocumented immigrants.

Also on Monday we discussed over 100 immigrants rights activists lead by the organization Let’s Drive NJ demonstrated in Trenton to give illegal undocumented immigrants the right to driver licenses in New Jersey.  During his gubernatorial campaign Governor Murphy said that he’d work towards providing driver licenses and statewide ID to undocumented immigrants.  Former Governor Christie said that granting driver licenses to undocumented immigrants was a homeland security issue and that he would veto any bill that granted driver licenses to undocumented immigrants.

The New Jersey Safe and Responsible Driver Act (A1738) introduced by Democratic Assemblywoman Annette Quijano in 2018 would allow those who cannot meet documentation requirements to obtain a driver license.  The bill would allow for 446,000 undocumented immigrants in New Jersey to get driver licenses.

Why are the Murphy administration and Democratic lawmakers in Trenton more focused on undocumented illegal immigrants than the safety and security of legal New Jersey residents?  By making New Jersey a sanctuary state and granting driver licenses New Jersey will attract illegal undocumented immigrants from around the county.  These people are in the United States illegally and have no rights.  They should be arrested and deported.  Additionally legal New Jersey residents have to abide by the 6-point ID verification program.  How are illegal undocumented immigrants going to comply?



Tuesday 12/18/18Cory Booker is heterosexual.  Who knew?

In discussing the possibility of running for President in 2020 U.S. Senator Cory Booker told the Philadelphia Inquirer  “I’m heterosexual. Every candidate should run on their authentic self”.   This is not the first time Booker has been asked.  When he first ran for the U.S. Senate people were questioning his sexuality to which he answered “What does it matter?”.  As the 49 year old single Booker considers a run for President questions have again risen about his sexuality.

I am not a fan of Cory Booker or his ideology.  I feel his vision for America and New Jersey is wrong.  I however find myself surprised that the Liberal media is questioning his sexuality.  In 2018 isn’t Booker’s sexuality not supposed to matter?  Where is the outrage towards the media for even asking?  After all Booker is part of the same party as Barack Obama who leaves behind a legacy of eliminating gender specific bathrooms.

As a 40-something white male struggling to understand the changing culture in America Cory Booker’s sexuality plays no part in my decision to not support him.  Should Booker overcome all of the odds and become President his sexuality will play no part in my opinion that his vision is wrong for America.  This is an enlightened opinion for me as I might not always have felt this way but it is 2018 and we need to broaden our acceptance.



Wednesday 12/19/18.  ICE had a productive year despite Liberal opposition.

According to ICE’s Fiscal Year 2018 Report ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations made 158,581 administrative arrests in fiscal year 2018. This represents an increase over the two previous years and the highest number since FY 2014. ICE made 15,111 more arrests in FY 2018 than in FY 2017 which is a 11% increase. ICE had made 30% more arrests in FY 2017 than FY 2016.

The largest percentage of aliens arrested by ICE are convicted criminals (66 percent), followed by immigration violators with pending criminal charges at the time of their arrest (21 percent). In FY 2018, ERO arrested 138,117 aliens with criminal histories
(convicted criminal and pending criminal charges).

The report concludes that ICE ERO’s FY 2018 statistics demonstrate the agency’s strengthened enforcement in the U.S. and show significant success in identifying, arresting, and removing aliens who are in violation of U.S. law, particularly those who pose a public safety or national security threat. In FY 2018, ICE ERO conducted 158,581 overall administrative arrests, 15,111 more than in FY 2017, while it conducted 256,085 removals – the highest level since FY 2014, resulting in a more than 10% increase in overall arrests and removals. Nine of ten ERO administrative arrests had either a criminal conviction(s), pending charge(s), were an ICE fugitive, or illegally reentered the country after previously being removed.

This information demonstrates that the men and women of ICE are working hard to ensure the safety and security of the United States.  These officers deserve our support and gratitude as they enforce federal immigration law.



Governor Murphy highlights his “accomplishments” from his first year in office.

Also on Wednesday Governor Murphy highlighted his accomplishments from his first year in office live on YouTube from the St. James A.M.E Church in Newark.  What Murphy considers “accomplishments” most New Jerseyans I talk to consider further degradation of our state.  Our Governor appears to take every opportunity he can to get his face on video.  I often wonder if he wants to be Governor or a social media celebrity.  I found it telling that no members of the legislature joined Murphy for his self promoting year in review speech.  Murphy did a good job playing to his Newark audience.  I lost count how many times he said “people of color”.

While Murphy touted what he considers accomplishments he neglected to mention his war against President Trump on our time and dollar, making New Jersey a sanctuary state and refusing to cooperate with ICE officers enforcing federal immigration lawhis intention to give illegal immigrants New Jersey driver licenses or the $2.1 million he allocated to defend illegal undocumented immigrants facing detention or deportation.  He also failed to mention allocating $100 million in tax payer money to subsidize horse racetracks in New Jersey after Governor Christie said doing so defied reason and logic and Obamacare enrollments being down for 2019 despite a push by Murphy, Booker and Menendez.

Murphy’s vision is wrong for New Jersey.  His policies and tax increases are putting criminals, illegal immigrants, illegal drug users and those who fail to gain the skills necessary to earn a living wage above the legal citizens and job and revenue creators in New Jersey.  His gun legislation punishes legal gun owners in the state and restricts their ability to protect their families while we know criminals will not follow the law or be impacted.  Additionally the Affordable Care Act has been ruled unconstitutional by a Federal Judge. While we know this ruling will be appealed and work its way through the court system Obamacare is failed legislation that needs to be repealed and replaced.

Murphy ACC


Thursday 12/20/18NJ Democrats censure one of their own.  It’s about time.

Earlier this year the Camden County GOP disavowed County Freeholder candidate Vincent Squire after it was discovered that Squire was not completely honest about his checkered past including his use of an alias and his second degree felony assault charges (for beating his son) which were pending in Superior Court.  Party officials also claimed to be aware of at least one cash contribution Squire accepted that he had not turned in or report to the ELEC.  At the time Republicans called on Democrats to also clean house.  Is that finally happening?

In Franklin Township Somerset County the all Democrat Council unanimously voted to censure three term Councilman Rajiv Prasad saying that he “engaged in multiple actions in his official capacity as an elected official that are improper for a person in his position”.  Prasad has been accused of calling the FBI to intimidate people for their Facebook posts, instructing a defendant to visit a judge in his office to influence the outcome of a case, attempting to alter the outcome of parking tickets and attempting to circumvent the protocol in order to avoid public scrutiny on a project by repeatedly calling for votes while omitting them from the agenda.

New Jersey residents seem to accept corruption as part of state politics.  Voters in New Jersey recently reelected Senator Robert Menendez who after 44 years in public office could not talk about any significant accomplishments, was formally reprimanded by the Senate Ethics Committee saying he broke federal law after his trial ended in a mistrial and rumors of being with underage prostitutes.  Former Newark Mayor Sharpe James was convicted for fraud after he conspired to sell city-owned properties which were flipped for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Camden County power broker George Norcross was recorded discussing patronage jobs and making threats.  We recently talked about over 100 years of corruption in Atlantic City.  This Wikipedia page lists 51 New Jersey politicians who have been convicted of crimes.

It is about time a Democratic governing body in New Jersey called out one of it’s own for corruption.  Many Democrats run their towns and our states like it’s their private kingdoms double dipping and giving out favors and important appointments based on friendships and political affiliations.  I hope that Franklin Township serves as an example to other Democratic bodies in New Jersey to clean house and remind them that they are here to serve residents.



The latest incident in Edison further demonstrates that NJ’s gun laws are misguided.

At a Speedway gas station in Edison a store attendant was shot and killed during a robbery early Thursday morning.  The 38 year old attendant handed over the cash draw and the suspect fired a single shot killing the attendant as he exited the store. There was another employee in the store who was not injured.  This incident further demonstrates that New Jersey’s  gun laws are misguided.further demonstrates that New Jersey’s  gun laws are misguided.

New Jersey currently has among the most restrictive gun laws in the country and if Governor Murphy has his way will get even tougher.  Murphy has vowed to make New Jersey the national leader in gun control.  Recently a Federal Appeals Court in Philadelphia upheld Murphy’s June 2018 high capacity magazine ban to which former NYPD Commissioner replied “NJ Governor Murphy is endangering the life of every off duty NJ cop!”.  Murphy has signed 6 gun control bills in less than a year in office and has promised more.  New Jersey law puts an undue burden on the ownership, transportation and possession of legally purchased firearms.

New Jersey’s Constitution has no provisions relating to keeping or bearing of arms.  New Jersey courts have upheld gun laws that were challenged on Second Amendment grounds.

None of New Jersey’s restrictive gun laws saved the life of John Bertram working an overnight shift at an Edison gas station early Thursday morning.   While the suspect has not been identified and is still at large we can assume he did not purchase his firearm legally or adhere to New Jersey strict gun laws.  Criminals by definition do not obey the law including gun laws.  We’ve had gun control laws on the books for many years and they have not stopped criminals from obtaining firearms or committing crimes.  Gun control laws only apply to law abiding citizens who purchase firearms legally making them potential felons for exercising their Second Amendment rights.  New Jersey’s strict gun laws restrict the ability of law abiding gun owners to protect themselves and their families.  If John Bertram or his co-worker were carrying a gun Thursday morning he might still be alive today.  Also note that Murphy’s high capacity magazine ban did nothing to save the life of John Bertram.  The suspect filed a single shot.



Friday 12/21/18A plea to the people of Tanzania.  Please keep Murphy and make him your leader.

According to a story on Friday morning New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and his family are heading to Tanzania for the Christmas holiday.   The Murphys left for the African nation Friday night and will not return until January 2, 2019.  This is the second time Murphy has left the country on vacation since taking office in January.  The Governor and his wife spent 11 days in Italy in July where they own a $7.3 million mansion in the town of Parrano.  Let me say that again.  The multimillionaire former Goldman Sachs executive, with an estimated worth of over $50 million, who frequently talks about income equality, owns a $7.3 million mansion in Italy in addition to a home in Berlin and his Middletown mansion.  I am not complaining about Murphy’s vacations.  In the view of many New Jerseyans every day Murphy spends outside of New Jersey is a good day!

I’ve done some research on Tanzania.  Sex between two men is illegal and carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.  Tanzania has a highest rate of human rights violations of all African counties.  The country suffers from extreme hunger and malnutrition.  Approximately 68% of it’s citizens live below the poverty line.  In addition as I understand it Tanzania needs an Obamacare mandate, large capacity magazine ban, a sanctuary status that allows illegal undocumented immigrants to commit crimes, a $15 minimum wage to chase the little industry that exists out of the country, a Tanzania Transit overhaul, increased taxes and legalized marijuana.

As all of these issues are Murphy’s passion I’d like to make a plea to the people of Tanzania.  Please make Phil Murphy your leader.  Based on what I’ve learned about Tanzania his vision will make Tanzania better while it’s destroying New Jersey.  In fact the people of New Jersey suggest you take Menendez and Booker also.  Your perfect leadership team is President Murphy, Vice President Booker and Prime Minister Menendez.

We the people of New Jersey are willing to make this great sacrifice for the good people of Tanzania.  So we ask, practically beg, please keep Murphy and make him your leader.

LET’S MAKE TANZANIA GREAT AGAIN!  In 2019 elect Phil Murphy for President, Cory Booker for Vice President and Robert Menendez for Prime Minister.



Saturday 12/22/18.   Democrats Partially shut down the government.  What impact will it have on us in NJ?

Democrats got their way.  Funding for many government agencies ended at Midnight on Friday after Congressional Democrats blocked a spending bill over border security.  Only about 25% of the government will actually shut down.  Those deemed essential will have to continue working although it’s unknown when they will get paid.  This equates to approximately 420,000 essential workers who will have to work not knowing when their paycheck will arrive and approximately 300,000 who will go on an unpaid furlough.

Those employees who will continue to work and wait to get paid include those who work for the FBI, Border Patrol, Military, TSA and Air Traffic Controllers.  Those being furloughed include employees of the IRS, NASA and the National Park Service.  The U.S Postal Service is not impacted as it is an independent agency.  Social Security checks will continue.  Departments such as Veterans Affairs and Heath and Human Services are already funded for the year and will operate as usual.

The current partial shutdown does not have the same impact as the January 2018 shutdown when the Democrats refused to fund government operations over DACA.

Unless you work for the federal government most of us will not be impacted by this partial government shutdown.  More importantly we must support the President in his efforts to ensure border security.  Border security continues to be one of the most important issues facing America.  Democrats in Congress need to start focusing on the safety and security of our nation instead of partisan politics.



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