A plea to the people of Tanzania. Please keep Murphy and make him your leader.

According to a story on NJ.com this morning New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and his family are heading to Tanzania for the Christmas holiday.   The Murphys leave for the African nation tonight and will not return until January 2, 2019.  This is the second time Murphy has left the country on vacation since taking office in January.  The Governor and his wife spent 11 days in Italy in July where they own a $7.3 million mansion in the town of Parrano.  Let me say that again.  The multimillionaire former Goldman Sachs executive, with an estimated worth of over $50 million, who frequently talks about income equality, owns a $7.3 million mansion in Italy in addition to a home in Berlin and his Middletown mansion.  I am not complaining about Murphy’s vacations.  In the view of many New Jerseyans every day Murphy spends outside of New Jersey is a good day!

According to Wikipedia Tanzania’s opposing political party is called Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo which is Swahili for “Party for Democracy and Progress”.  The “Party for Democracy and Progress” sounds perfect for Murphy!

I’ve done some research on Tanzania.  Sex between two men is illegal and carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.  Tanzania has a highest rate of human rights violations of all African counties.  The country suffers from extreme hunger and malnutrition.  Approximately 68% of it’s citizens live below the poverty line.  In addition as I understand it Tanzania needs an Obamacare mandate, large capacity magazine ban, a sanctuary status that allows illegal undocumented immigrants to commit crimes, a $15 minimum wage to chase the little industry that exists out of the country, a Tanzania Transit overhaul, increased taxes and legalized marijuana.


As all of these issues are Murphy’s passion I’d like to make a plea to the Party for Democracy and Progress as well as the people of Tanzania.  Please make Phil Murphy your leader.  Based on what I’ve learned about Tanzania his vision will make Tanzania better while it’s destroying New Jersey.  In fact the people of New Jersey suggest you take Menendez and Booker also.  Your perfect leadership team is President Murphy, Vice President Booker and Prime Minister Menendez.

We the people of New Jersey are willing to make this great sacrifice for the good people of Tanzania.  So we ask, practically beg, please keep Murphy and make him your leader.


LET’S MAKE TANZANIA GREAT AGAIN!  In 2019 elect Phil Murphy for President, Cory Booker for Vice President and Robert Menendez for Prime Minister.

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