Governor Murphy highlights “accomplishments” from his first year in office.

Today Governor Murphy highlighted his accomplishments from his first year in office live on YouTube from the St. James A.M.E Church in Newark.  What Murphy considers “accomplishments” most New Jerseyans I talk to consider further degradation of our state.  Our Governor appears to take every opportunity he can to get his face on video.  I often wonder if he wants to be Governor or a social media celebrity.  I found it telling that no members of the legislature joined Murphy for his self promoting year in review speech.  Murphy did a good job playing to his Newark audience.  I lost count how many times he said “people of color”.

Murphy started out his speech saying that in January when he was swore into office he pledged that he’d be a different kind of Governor.   Murphy said “after the previous 8 years of neglect and division New Jersey needed  new focus.  We needed a new direction.  We needed our faith in our home state restored”.  Murphy went on to say “New Jersey is on a new path and headed in a new trajectory and thankfully headed in the right direction again”.

Murphy compared his administration to the David vs. Goliath struggle.  He said “we are prevailing.  To be sure we have made significant progress this year towards making a stronger and fairer state and resetting the basic deal of fundamental fairness.

Some of Murphy’s stated accomplishments include;

  • Enacting one of the nations strongest protections for equal pay for equal work.
  • A series of steps to combat gun violence.  He said his administration enacted a set of laws that make NJ a leader in gun safety and his administration will enforce those laws.
  • The Governor said he fought to protect the Affordable Care Act.

Some of the items on the Governor’s 2019 agenda include;

  • Signing a new law to put New Jersey on a “clear and responsible path to $15 per hour minimum wage”.
  • Restoration of voting rights for those on parole or probation.
  • Legalize marijuana.  He called the war on drugs “misguided”.
  • The Governor says he will “open up other opportunities for good jobs and affordable housing”

Murphy said “This has been a year of real progress.  We have momentum and we still have more to do”.

Murphy ACC

Murphy neglected to mention his war against President Trump on our time and dollar, making New Jersey a sanctuary state and refusing to cooperate with ICE officers enforcing federal immigration law, his intention to give illegal immigrants New Jersey driver licenses or the $2.1 million he allocated to defend illegal undocumented immigrants facing detention or deportation.  He also failed to mention allocating $100 million in tax payer money to subsidize horse racetracks in New Jersey after Governor Christie said doing so defied reason and logic and Obamacare enrollments being down for 2019 despite a push by Murphy, Booker and Menendez.

Murphy’s vision is wrong for New Jersey.  His policies and tax increases are putting criminals, illegal immigrants, illegal drug users and those who fail to gain the skills necessary to earn a living wage above the legal citizens and job and revenue creators in New Jersey.  His gun legislation punishes legal gun owners in the state and restricts their ability to protect their families while we know criminals will not follow the law or be impacted.  Additionally the Affordable Care Act has been ruled unconstitutional by a Federal Judge. While we know this ruling will be appealed and work its way through the court system Obamacare is failed legislation that needs to be repealed and replaced.

You can watch Murphy pat himself on the back for working hard to destroy New Jersey in this replay of his live stream.


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