Cory Booker is heterosexual. Who knew?

In discussing the possibility of running for President in 2020 U.S. Senator Cory Booker told the Philadelphia Inquirer  “I’m heterosexual. Every candidate should run on their authentic self”.   This is not the first time Booker has been asked.  When he first ran for the U.S. Senate people were questioning his sexuality to which he answered “What does it matter?”.

As the 49 year old single Booker considers a run for President questions have again risen about his sexuality.  The last single President elected in the U.S. was 1884.  When asked about his intentions Booker has said “I have a pause during the holidays which is going to be a really great time to meet with family and friends and really start to put some focus on whether to run for president or not”.


I am not a fan of Cory Booker or his ideology.  I feel his vision for America and New Jersey is wrong.  I however find myself surprised that the Liberal media is questioning his sexuality.  In 2018 isn’t Booker’s sexuality not supposed to matter?  Where is the outrage towards the media for even asking?  After all Booker is part of the same party as Barack Obama who leaves behind a legacy of eliminating gender specific bathrooms.

As a 40-something white male struggling to understand the changing culture in America Cory Booker’s sexuality plays no part in my decision to not support him.  Should Booker overcome all of the odds and become President his sexuality will play no part in my opinion that his vision is wrong for America.  This is an enlightened opinion for me as I might not always have felt this way but it is 2018 and we need to broaden our acceptance.

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