Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik calls out Governor Murphy over high capacity magazine ban.

Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik took to Twitter before appearing on Fox & Friends on Sunday calling out New Jersey Governor Murphy for not excluding off duty police officers from his high capacity magazine ban.  Kerik said in the Tweet ““NJ Governor @GovMurphy is endangering the life of every off duty NJ cop! Gang bangers, drug thugs and really bad guys don’t give a damn about magazine capacity.  So he takes the good guy’s ammunition, and the bad guys are loaded for bear!”  As we reported on Saturday the law does not make an exception for off duty law enforcement officers.  According to a memorandum from the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office to ranking law enforcement officers in Bergen County law enforcement officers in New Jersey must comply with the new large capacity magazine ban unless on duty.  The memorandum states that law enforcement officers are not permitted to possess large capacity ammunition magazines unless while on duty or traveling to or from an authorized place of duty.  Violators, including off duty police officers, can be found guilty of a crime of the 4th degree and face 18 months in jail and a $10,000 fine.

Kerik appeared on Fox & Friends on Sunday and blasted Governor Murphy. saying the law is not only “outrageous,” it also puts officers at risk.  Kerik said “You’re taking the ability away from the cops to possess the rounds they may need in a gun battle. That’s insane”.  Kerik went on to say  “It’s one thing if you violate a rule of a department but this is a law. A criminal law, and it makes you, then, a criminal. So, this is just crazy.”

You can watch Kerik’s appearance on Fox & Friends below.

As I asked on Saturday when are Democrats going to realize that these gun control laws only apply to law abiding citizens who legally purchased firearms?  Criminals by definition do not obey the law.  We’ve had gun control laws on the books for years and they have not stopped criminals from obtaining firearms. Now even off duty police officers in New Jersey are banned from carrying high capacity magazines and are subject to being charged with a crime if they do.  All this high capacity magazine ban has done is restrict the ability of law abiding gun owners to protect their families and police officers from protecting the public if they are off duty.

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