Members of the migrant caravan make demands of President Trump at the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana.

About 100 members of the migrant caravan that has been trying to invade the U.S. Mexico border traveled the streets of Tijuana to the U.S. Consulate on Tuesday morning demanding immediate entry into the U.S. or $50,000 each.  They gave President Trump 72 hours to respond.  A second group of about 50 migrants delivered a letter to the U.S. Consulate complaining about the slow asylum process and asking that 300 migrants be processed through the San Ysidro port of entry each day rather than the 40 to 100 currently processed daily.  My question is what gives these people the right to invade our border and make demands and why do Liberals support them?

Tuesday was the one month anniversary of the 6,000 person migrant caravan arriving in Tijuana.  Their numbers have decreased since they arrived at the U.S. Mexico border.  It is estimated that about 2,500 have applied for visas in Mexico, 300 have been deported, 700 have returned to their home country voluntarily and 3,500 their locations are unknown.  Those unaccounted for it’s assumed have moved to other Mexican border cities or crossed the U.S. border illegally.


In November 1,000 people were arrested at the U.S. Mexico border which represents an increase of 78% from last year.  In San Diego alone 680 per day are being apprehended by Border Patrol Agents up from a prior average of 145 per day.   The migrant caravan is stretching Border Patrol resources thin.

Migrants at the border have clashed with Border Patrol Agents.  In November Border Patrol Agents were forced to fire tear gas at as many as 1,000 people attempting to penetrate the border crossing in California.  Border Patrol Agents said they were forced to deployed the tear gas after several agents were hit by projectiles.  After the clashes about 300 military soldiers were moved to the California border crossing to support Border Patrol Agents.


Additionally there are health concerns.  According to Fox News It is estimated that over a third of the migrants are being treated for health-related issues.  There are three confirmed cases of tuberculosis, four cases of HIV/AIDS and four cases of chickenpox.  At least 101 of the migrants have lice and multiple instances of skin infections.  There is also a threat of Hepatitis outbreak due to unsanitary conditions.  Te camp where the migrants were staying at the Benito Juarez Sports Complex near the San Ysidro U.S.-Mexico Port of Entry was shut down over “bad sanitary conditions.”


The Department of Homeland Security has warned that there are 500 criminals among the migrants trying to get into the U.S. including suspected gang members.  Reports of criminal activity have been reported throughout the migrant caravan’s trip from Honduras to Tijuana.  Reuters  reported that some of the migrants are armed with guns and Molotov cocktails that could be used against Border Patrol Agents. A  migrant confessed to a reporter that he had been convicted of attempted murder and hopes to get a pardon in the U.S.

According to DHS most of the caravan members are not women and children but those people are leading the migrant caravan to depict the members of the caravan as vulnerable refugees and get sympathetic media coverage.


Every American should be outraged.  These migrants attempting to invade our border are a threat to American security and health and are having an economic impact.  Instead Liberals are protesting around the country demanding an end to “border militarization” and calling for “humane immigration policies that respect the rights and dignity of all people”.  While U.S. and international laws allow refugees to seek asylum in the U.S. 6,000 migrants invading our southern border are a serious threat that demands a strong response.  These people are not American citizens.  The only right they have is to an asylum hearing before a Judge in the U.S.  With 6,000 of them storming our border that takes time.  Proper vetting must take place.  We must ensure we are not allowing terrorists and criminals into our country.  And what happens when they are admitted into the U.S.?  We know that many of them have health issues.  Will taxpayers be paying for their healthcare?  Will taxpayers be footing the bill for their housing?  I assume that most will not come into the country with first and last month’s rent and a security deposit.  How many speak English or have job skills?  Are they employable or will they be a drain on taxpayers through the welfare system?

Despite the desire of Liberals we cannot open our borders and we cannot allow immigrants to come to America without being fully vetted.  In Europe with it’s open borders the years 2014 to 2016 saw more than 20 fatal terrorist attacks more than all previous years combined and the highest rate of attack plots per year.  In 2017 a total of 62 people were killed in ten completed terror attacks in Europe and an additional 33 plots were thwarted.

The migrants demanding expedited entry into the U.S. or $50,000 is ridiculous.  As they have already invaded Mexico it is up to Mexico to deport them back to their home countries.  They are not the problem of American taxpayers nor should we be expected to absorb the safety, security and health risks.

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