Despite Murphy, Booker and Menendez pushing “Affordable Healthcare” enrollment is down.

Despite a push by Murphy, Booker and Menendez fewer New Jerseyans are signing up for healthcare through the exchange as the December 15, 2018 deadline approaches.  Enrollment is down 16% from last year.  While the Trump Administration removed mandates Murphy signed laws last Spring to create a state income tax penalty for those who do not have healthcare coverage.  Still signups are down.

Ironically as Murphy, Booker and Menendez fight against President Trump the low unemployment numbers  in the Trump economy could be contributing to the low enrollment numbers as more people are getting health insurance through their employers.  Some experts say cost is still a factor.  While premiums have decreased in New Jersey deductibles and co-pays are still very high and out of pocket maximums have increased dramatically.

Murphy 2

The “Affordable” Care Act is failed legislation.  The failure to repeal Obamacare is my greatest disappointment with the Trump Administration and Congressional Republicans.  As a small business owner my healthcare costs have increased four fold since the ACA was implemented.  Many other entrepreneurs and working families I know have experience the same.  The “Affordable” Care Act has put a significant burden on small and mid-market businesses in New Jersey and across the United States.  It is no wonder then that Murphy, Booker and Menendez are pushing the ACA so hard as Democratic leadership has made it clear that New Jersey will not be business friendly.

The “Affordable” Care Act must be repealed.  Working families and small and mid-market businesses can no longer absorb the financial burden of Obamacare.  Murphy continuing to push this failed legislation is further proof that his vision is wrong for New Jersey.

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