Murphy and Grewal’s sanctuary dream is protecting illegal criminal immigrants and making NJ less safe.

ICE arrested 105 immigrants in 16 New Jersey counties in a 5 day period recently.  According to ICE about 80% of them had prior criminal convictions.  Several of them are wanted by Interpol for crimes in their home countries.  Some of those arrested had reentered the U.S. illegally after being deported and several were members of gangs including MS-13.   This ICE operation proves that Murphy and Grewal’s sanctuary rules are protecting criminals and making New Jersey less safe.

The criminal records of those arrested in ICE’s latest raid in New Jersey include international warrants and convictions for indecent acts by compulsion causing bodily injury, distribution of psychotropic drugs, fraud, forcible touching of a child, distribution of narcotics, prostitution with a child, endangering the welfare of a child, distribution of narcotics on school grounds, aggravated assault, possession of a weapon, possession and distribution of narcotics, bank fraud, criminal sexual contact, conspiracy to commit robbery and suspicion of being a member of a street gang.



John Tsoukaris, Field Office Director for ICE’s Newark office said “These outstanding results, which were made possible by our officers and law enforcement partners, highlight the tremendous commitment that ICE ERO has to public safety throughout the state.  Our focus has been and will continue to be on arrests of illegal aliens who have been convicted of serious crimes or those who pose a threat to public safety.”.

It’s good to see that ICE is protecting the people of New Jersey as Murphy and Grewal have prevented state law enforcement from doing so.  Grewal’s Immigrant Trust Directive greatly restricted New Jersey law enforcement’s cooperation with ICE.  At the time we were told that the new sanctuary rules would not provide protection to criminals.  The results of ICE’s latest New Jersey operation show that is untrue.


Murphy’s vision for New Jersey is wrong.  His sanctuary dream is making New Jersey less safe for law abiding citizens.  Murphy appears more interested in opposing President Trump then he does protecting the people of New Jersey.  Violent criminals from foreign countries can now sneak over the U.S. border and find sanctuary in New Jersey where they are likely to commit additional crimes.  I have watched social media closely on this and it seems most New Jerseyans do not support us being a sanctuary state.

Governor Murphy and Attorney General Grewal have a responsibility to protect the citizens of New Jersey and enforce the law.  It appears they are doing neither.

Are you mad yet New Jersey?

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