Over 500 more layoffs in NJ as Conagra closes 2 NJ offices.

Conagra, parent company to such iconic brands as Slim Jim, Duncan Hines, Healthy Choice, Birds Eye, Vlasic and others has announced the closing of two New Jersey offices in Cherry Hill and Parsippany.   The closings will result in 504 layoffs in 2019 – 196 in Cherry Hill and 308 in Parsippany.  A Conagra spokesperson called locations in Chicago and Omaha more “cost effective”.


If you’re keeping track we’ve reported 2,611 upcoming layoffs in New Jersey since November 30, 2018.  While Governor Murphy is focused on making New Jersey a sanctuary state, a $15 per hour minimum wage, raising taxes and legalizing marijuana companies are fleeing New Jersey.  Rather than making New Jersey a business friendly climate the Governor seems focused on putting more burden on New Jersey businesses.  I’ve been saying for months that Murphy’s vision for New Jersey is wrong and going to chase the revenue and job creators out of the state.  This is just the beginning.

Are you mad yet New Jersey?

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