For about $6.00, the price of a gourmet coffee, you can see Bill and Hillary Clinton speak. I’ll take the coffee.

Last month Bill and Hillary Clinton began their 13 city speaking tour “An Evening With the Clintons” where according to a press release the Clintons would share “stories and inspiring anecdotes that shaped their historic careers in public service, while also discussing issues of the day and looking toward the future”.  Their first stop was Toronto where just 3,000 people showed up to hear them speak in the 19,000 seat arena.  Next stop Montreal where attendance was not much better.  By the time they hit Texas tickets were going for just $6.  Could it be we are tired of Hillary’s endless list of excuses as to why she lost the 2016 Presidential election?  Maybe Bill should share “stories and inspiring anecdotes” about Monica.  I’d pay $6 a ticket to hear those stories!

Tickets on StubHub were selling for as high as $1,099.22.  New York Times Columnist Maureen Dowd paid $177 for her ticket in Toronto.  In her opinion piece Curtains for the Clintons Dowd said “What is the point? It’s not inspirational. It’s not for charity. They’re not raising awareness about a cause, like Al Gore with global warming. They’re only raising awareness about the Clintons”.  Dowd went on to say “After the White House, the money-grubbing raged on, with the Clintons making over 700 speeches in a 15-year period, blithely unconcerned with any appearance of avarice or of shady special interests and foreign countries buying influence. They stockpiled a whopping $240 million.


Liberal former Washington Monthly Editor Charlie Peters told Dowd “What scares me the most is Hillary’s smug certainty of her own virtue as she has become greedy and how typical that is of so many chic liberals who seem unaware of their own greed”  Peters is concerned that the Obamas are destined for the same fate.

Unfortunately we’ve heard it all  before.  Hillary has blamed loosing the Presidency on sexism, Obama not doing enough to help her, the media, James Comey, Russia, the Electoral College, Bernie Sanders and a host of other excuses.  Never have I seen her admit that she was a bad candidate who the American people did not like or trust.  What could possibly be left to say?

What Happened Book

This tour can be saved.  I will be 49 years old in 21 days (the same age Bill was when he got 22 year old Monica alone in the Oval Office).  Perhaps Bill can turn this into an informational tour with advice to middle aged guys who want to date younger women.  I’d pay to see that!  Before the #MeToo crowd comes banging on my door that’s a joke.  You know humor.  Wait. Liberals don’t understand humor.  If you are a Liberal please skip over this paragraph.

An Evening with the Clintons began it’s 13 city tour in November 2018 and is scheduled to end in May 2019.  The Clintons are scheduled to be in New York on April 11, 2019 and Philadelphia on April 13, 2019.  If prices dip below $6 maybe I’ll grab a Starbucks and head over.  Based on ticket sales to date it might be the quietest place in the city to stretch out and relax for an evening.

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