Murphy will spend 2019 and 2020 focused outside of NJ. I couldn’t be more thrilled!

New Jersey Governor Murphy has been chosen to serve as Vice Chair for 2019 and Chair-Elect for for 2020 by the Democratic Governor’s Association.  In his new roles Murphy will help lead the charge to unseat President Trump in 2020 and help Democratic Governors keep their seats and the Democratic party gain additional state houses.  I couldn’t be more thrilled.   This means Murphy will spend his time traveling and focused outside of New Jersey.  While traditional wisdom will say that we want our Governor in New Jersey and focused on our state I’m looking forward to a break from Murphy’s destructive vision for New Jersey.

But let’s not celebrate yet.  There has been talk about Murphy running for President and there was even some talk of him running in 2020.  While it’s unlikely Murphy would run for President in 2020 while at the helm of the Democratic Governor’s Association this role will give him exposure and the ability to build relationships with key Democrats around the country.  Murphy for President in 2024?  Please no.  Please.  No.  His high profile leading the DGA could also help get him reelected Governor of New Jersey in 2021.  Again please no.  Please.  No.


In his first year in office Murphy has been ineffective, a weak leader and a destructive force in New Jersey.  He spends much of his time publicly opposing the Trump Administration rather than leading New Jersey.  From his #SnowGate fiasco to his pushing a $15 minimum wage, refusing to enforce federal law by making us a sanctuary state and pushing the legalization of marijuana (which remains federally illegal), budging $2.1 to defend illegal immigrants, grandstanding in his opposition of Trump by committing NJ taxpayer funds to support Puerto Rico and pushing revenue generators out of the state I think most New Jerseyans would agree that Murphy’s first year as Governor has been a disaster.

All of this comes as Murphy’s relationship with state Democratic lawmakers has chilled.  According to an article in  Murphy and New Jersey Democratic leaders have not met in months. says Murphy cut off face-to-face meetings with State Senate President Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Coughlin and canceled a November leadership meeting.  Murphy will exchange pleasantries with Sweeney and Coughlin at public events but that’s about it.  Murphy has become so petty that his office took complimentary football tickets away from the co-chairwoman of the legislative committee.  When asked if it was true he had not spoken to Sweeney since October 2nd Murphy sarcastically replied “I don’t know if he keeps a diary”.  This is not the first time Murphy has fought with Sweeney.  For example disagreements over Murphy’s first budget almost caused a government shutdown in July.

Given the circumstances I wish Murphy all the best in his new DGA leadership roles and hope that he spends a lot of his time focused outside of New Jersey.