Stay and fight or leave New Jersey?

I grew up in New Jersey.   I spent my childhood until my Freshman year of high school in Ocean County near Seaside and my high school years until my early 20’s in Atlantic County near Atlantic City.  In 1993 at the age of 23 I relocated to Nevada.  I was always proud to tell people I was from New Jersey.  In 2003 I relocated back to New Jersey.  In 2005 I got married.  My wife was from Pennsylvania so I lived there until 5-years ago when I came back to New Jersey.  When I returned to New Jersey at the age of 43 I was home and never intended on leaving.  Until now.

In 2017 when voters elected Phil Murphy the 56th Governor of New Jersey we (I did not vote for him) did so eyes wide open.  Murphy told us his agenda included things like raising our taxes, legalizing marijuana and making us a sanctuary state.  In less than a year he’s aggressively moved his destructive agenda forward.  Yesterday via a directive handed down by Attorney General Grewal New Jersey became a sanctuary state“Legalized” marijuana legislation is moving forward.  Democrats are working on redistricting to ensure they keep a lock on Democratic rule in New Jersey.  Murphy has put illegal immigrants before NJ taxpayers by allocating $2.1 in funding to provide legal representation for illegal immigrants facing detention and deportation.  He wants to ruin New Jersey’s economy by raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour.  Murphy has committed he will use New Jersey taxpayer funds to provide “aid and support” to Puerto Rico.  And let’s not forget that now Murphy wants to give driver licenses to illegal immigrants.  While doing his best to ruin the once great state of New Jersey he’s spending time publicly opposing President Trump apparently thinking that he has the power to override the federal government.  Does Murphy think federal laws do not apply to New Jersey?


While a large number of New Jersey voters questioned his honesty voters reelected lifelong politician Menendez who could not take credit for a single accomplishment in his 44-years in politics (he did say he brought money back to NJ after Hurricane Sandy – which I believe Governor Christie played a larger part in and he said he co-wrote the Affordable Care Act which has proven to be failed legislation).  Menendez was indicted and tried on charges of bribery, fraud and lying to federal prosecutors.  While a jury deadlocked on a verdict and the Judge declared a mistrial the Senate Ethics Committee formally reprimanded Menendez saying he broke federal law.  There were also allegations that Menendez had slept with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.  Menendez’s claim to fame also appears opposing President Trump.  New Jersey reelected him.


Then there is our other embarrassment of a Senator Cory Booker.   Booker’s accomplishments seem to be running the City of Newark into the ground while he was Mayor and his humiliating Spartacus moment at Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing.  Booker, like Murphy and Menendez get their attention from publicly opposing Present Trump.  Booker wants to make our workplaces and streets less safe with his vision for criminal justice reform and bring us another step closer to socialism with his American Opportunity Account Act.   Booker appears to be a 2020 Presidential hopeful.  Hasn’t Booker embarrassed New Jersey enough?


The only reasonable Democrat in this state may be State Senate President Steve Sweeney.  While I do not share an ideology with Sweeney I do believe that he does what he feels is best for New Jersey.  His working relationship with Governor Christie appeared to be much stronger than his relationship with Murphy.


Someone intimately familiar with New Jersey politics said to me that Republicans do not win elections in New Jersey because we talk about facts while Democrats play on emotion.  That appears to be true as Democrats continue to win election after election in New Jersey despite their destructive agendas.   Just look at Murphy.  He’s doing exactly what he said he would do.

I was awake a lot of the night last night thinking.  This is no longer the New Jersey I’ve spent my life being proud of.  Rapidly New Jersey is becoming no longer the state I once knew.  The question I kept asking myself is what can we the citizens of New Jersey do?  How can we bring a sense of honor and pride back to our state?  How can we ensure that our elected officials are complying with federal laws not turning us into a rogue state?  How can we stop Democrats and their destructive agendas from running the revenue generators out of New Jersey?  How can we get the residents of New Jersey to start paying attention and get mad?  Are we too far gone?

Despite laying awake last night I did not come up with any answers.  I am at a crossroads of do I stay and fight or throw my hands up in defeat and leave New Jersey for good?  Are there enough people in New Jersey who are as angry as I am?  How do we even start the fight?

I’d love your thoughts and opinions because I’m not sure what we can do to save our beloved New Jersey.

5 thoughts on “Stay and fight or leave New Jersey?

  1. I think the state is broken beyond hope. Our electorate, as you eloquently pointed out, are not opposed to voting for crooks, child sex abusers, and do-nothing/accomplish nothing demagogues. Republicans rarely put up a serious effort to win all important Senate and House elections — doing a good job once in a while against incumbents who are so hated (like Florio and Corzine) that even Democrats won’t support them.

    We are the number two exit state in the country — FOR SEVERAL REASONS. Mostly, the affordability crisis. It simply costs too much to live here. Our taxes are too high, both “normal” taxes like income and property, but also nuisance taxes like road tolls. Housing costs are too high, but that’s a function of supply and demand. I think prices for housing will go down as many are forced to sell and go out of state.

    We are in a very precious position from a revenue perspective. The fact is, our richest 1 percenters pay the bulk of the state’s taxes. A loss of even a relative handful of these billionaires (and their businesses, like David Tepper and his hedge fund), would turn NJ’s revenue stream topsy turvy. And, as Murphy continues to hike taxes aimed at the rich, they — the ones we can least afford to lose — have ever more reason to flee to states with more responsible taxation policies.

    Our young people can’t afford to live here. NJ is the number one state when it comes to kids living with their parents. When they leave, they don’t leave for other towns, They join the stampede out of state. So we give them subsidized educations in state colleges, for them to go ply their trade in other states, enriching their economies.

    As for me, you can probably infer that I see no way this can be fixed, so I’m heading elsewhere. I only hope I get out before the housing market collapses.

  2. I”ve lived in Jersey all my life and this Gov is a lunatic I really think he is working with George Soros to destroy America. And I truly think like Soros Murphy hates the American people and is doing all he can to hurt us. And shame on all you Republicans who stayed home and didn’t get out to vote and allowed him to win the Election.

  3. I’m leaving soon as the kids are out of school. And I tell them to leave as well and settle elsewhere. NJ is not a friendly place for a reasonable person anymore. Democrats only care about they’re own power and keep voters going blue. 6 cities control our entire state, you win the uneducated welfare vote here you win the state. It’s been proven over and over. What reasonable person votes menendez and booker into office with track records like that? What reasonable person votes for a governor who campaigns on raising taxes and putting illegals ahead of his own citizens? State is falling apart. Run as soon as your able.

  4. What I think is every hard working person should refuse to pay their real estate taxes as a protest , our corrupt government could not take that hit and would be forced to listen to the people who pay there wages , I am not for protesting but sure as hell works for them . We need action not words .

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