Goodbye Garden State. Welcome to New Jersey. The Sanctuary State

We knew it was coming.  Murphy campaigned on making New Jersey a sanctuary state.  Just a couple of weeks ago Attorney General Grewal said he would hand down new sanctuary rules and directives on how New Jersey’s law enforcement agencies should interact with ICE.  At the time I asked why New Jersey’s Governor and Attorney General do not feel they have to enforce the law.  I also pointed out at the time that Murphy and Grewal’s refusal to cooperate with federal law enforcement to enforce immigration laws is costing the state $16 billion in federal funding.  Today is the day New Jersey became a sanctuary state.  Knowing it was coming doesn’t make my anger any less.

Today Grewal released the 11-page Immigrant Trust Directive  Included in the new rules New Jersey law enforcement officers cannot turn illegal immigrants over to federal law enforcement officers for deportation or ask the immigration status of any individual,unless doing so is necessary to the ongoing investigation of a serious offense and relevant to the offense under investigation.  ICE is not to be provided access to state or local law enforcement resources including equipment, office space, databases or property.

Attorney General Grewal said “No law-abiding resident of this great state should live in fear that a routine traffic stop by local police will result in his or her deportation from this country”.  Grewal went on to say that New Jersey is not providing sanctuary for criminals  “If you break the law in New Jersey we will go after you no matter your immigration status”.  Do we have an Attorney General in New Jersey that does not recognize that if someone is here illegally they are not a “law-abiding resident”?


ICE Deputy Director Matthew Albence slammed New Jersey’s new sanctuary rules saying “Ultimately this directive shields certain criminal aliens, creating a state-sanctioned haven for those seeking to evade federal authorities, all at the expense of the safety and security of the very people the New Jersey Attorney General is charged with protecting”.


Read the Attorney General’s new sanctuary directive and ask yourself the same question I’ve been asking.  Why do New Jersey’s Governor and Attorney General feel they do not have to enforce the law?

Are you mad yet New Jersey?