Asbury Park Press Editorial “Marijuana legalization: Just say no to pot bills”

A November 23, 2018 editorial in the Asbury Park Press makes strong points for the legislature to hold off on advancing a marijuana  bill until legitimate concerns that have been raised about legalization have been answered.  By now a bill has already passed legislative committee but it’s not too late to ensure that legislators take a close look at unanswered questions.  While I continue to oppose a legalized marijuana bill in New Jersey I believe the legislature will pass some form of legislation and want to ensure that the legislature does it’s due diligence.  Why rush a bill to meet a self-imposed timeline?

Among other concerns the Asbury Park Press Editorial addresses health concerns about marijuana use that have been expressed by The Centers for Disease Control, the American College of Pediatricians and the National Institute of Health’s National Institute on Drugs.   The Governor and legislators ignoring the safety concerns of the New Jersey State Association of Police Chiefs, which has come out against legalization of recreational marijuana is also addressed.  It’s an interesting article and I suggest that all New Jersey residents read it.

Murphy Sweeney Coughlin

Obviously marijuana legislation is big news in New Jersey and our region.  Yesterday I called into the Bill Spadea show on NJ 101.5 radio to talk about the effect of legalized marijuana on employers in New Jersey.  I shared that while marijuana remains federally illegal employers can continue to test for marijuana – both pre-employment and during employment – and refuse to hire or terminate an employee for marijuana usage.  I also shared that in my consulting practice I advise my clients for liability purposes to continue to test for marijuana both pre-employment and post-hire.  I have not seen the negative effects on employers in New Jersey addressed by the Governor or the legislature.

If legalized marijuana is coming to New Jersey the Governor and the legislature needs to slow down, look at the bigger picture and propose legislation that works for the businesses and people of New Jersey.