Will “Spartacus” Booker run for President in 2020? Hasn’t NJ suffered enough?

U.S. Senator Cory Booker has said he is considering a run for President in 2020.  Booker has consulted with presidential campaign strategists who worked for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Recently he visited 24 states while campaigning for Democratic candidates in the mid-term elections including early primary states and states predicted to be battleground states.   In October New Jersey lawmakers enacted a bill “Cory Booker’s Law” that would ensure that no one could legally challenge Booker running for President and his Senate seat simultaneously.  According to a Morning Consult/ Politico poll Booker is ranked sixth among Democrats’ preferences for their 2020 candidate.  All of this begs the question between Booker, Menendez and Murphy hasn’t New Jersey suffered enough embarrassment?


Last weekend Booker told NJ.com “I will consider running for president.  That’s something that I will do. There’s people in New Jersey who are talking to me about it, across the country that are talking to me about it.”  It’s rumored that Booker is being aggressive in gaining support in early voting states.

Booker, much like what I’ve seen from the entire Democratic party, has views that are too far left and too close to socialism for my comfort.  President Ronald Reagan said: “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The party left me.”  A 2013 article in Forbes Magazine pointed out that “Modern Democrats Would View John F. Kennedy As a Reaganite Extremist” (and the Democratic party has moved even further left in the past 5-years) .  Booker’s position on criminal justice reform and introduction of The American Opportunity Account Act  alone not to mention his positions on immigration, gun control and support of Obamacare make him wrong for America.  His “Spartacus moment” at Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing was an embarrassment to America.


Booker, Menendez and Murphy have embarrassed us enough with their grandstanding against President Trump and socialist views.  I can only hope New Jersey is not embarrassed further by Booker becoming the Democratic candidate for President in 2020.