Week in review 11/19/18 through 11/25/18.

It was a week of relaxation and family in New Jersey this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  Still we covered a few important items.

Monday 11/19/18

Governor Murphy follows through on this promise to put illegal immigrants before NJ residents and NJ residents are paying for it.

In a staggering release on Monday the New Jersey Department of the Treasury announced that it has allocated $2.1 million in supplemental funding to help provide legal representation for illegal immigrants facing detention and deportation.  As we discussed the prior week in December Attorney General Grewal will be laying out sanctuary rules limiting New Jersey’s cooperation with ICE.  Now Murphy is following through on his promise to provide $2.1 million in funding for legal representation for illegal immigrants.  And we the tax payers of New Jersey get to pay for it.

Murphy said “Families who came to New Jersey for a better life do not deserve to be torn apart by the federal government’s cruel and discriminatory policies”.  Governor isn’t that what happens when someone breaks the law?  Families are torn apart every single day across this country when a member of that family breaks the law and is adjudicated in a court of law.  Those who are in this country illegally have broken the law and deserve to be sentenced as allowed by law.


Saturday  11/24/18

A vote on “legalized” marijuana in NJ could take place as early as Monday.

Just in time for New Jersey residents with short memories to forget Governor Murphy allocating $2.1 million for the defense of illegal immigrants and his #SnowGate fiasco hearings and a possible vote on a legalized marijuana bill will begin on Monday.  I have always believed that “legalized” marijuana is the only reason Murphy was elected.  Anyone who looks at Murphy’s agenda for New Jersey realizes that he’s pushing the revenue generators out of the state.  He told voters what he what do if elected (including raising taxes in a state with one of the highest tax rates in the country) yet he was elected anyway.  “Legalized” marijuana seems the only explanation.

As you know if you’ve read my prior blog posts on the subject I am firmly against any form of “legalized” recreational marijuana in New Jersey.  I am also a realist.  I realize that despite overwhelming evidence of the negative effects of marijuana usage and a study of the social impacts in the states that have legalized or decriminalized marijuana a majority of Americans support legislation to legalize marijuana use. Those of us who are against the legalization of marijuana will have to accept that.  However I will continue to be against the federal government leaving marijuana legislation up to individual states.  This applies to both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana.

The FDA regulates both prescription and over the counter drugs.  How is it that proposed legislation would leave the regulation of medical marijuana up to the New Jersey legislature when states do not regulate prescription or over the counter drugs?

If marijuana use in the United States is to become legalized I believe strongly it should be federal law not state law that regulates it’s use.

Murphy Sweeney Coughlin

Saturday 11/24/18

U.S. Senator Cory Booker wants to make our workplaces and streets less safe.

U.S. Senator Cory “Spartacus” Booker a proponent of criminal justice reform has indicated his support of a bill introduced in the Senate on November 15, 2018.  Booker has said “Having a felony on your record is a lifetime sentence.  You can’t get pell grants, you can’t get food stamps, you can’t get business licenses, you can’t get jobs. You have a lifetime sentence. This system is toxic in every way”.  Booker appears to support reducing sentencing guidelines and hiding criminal records from potential employers.  Perhaps Mr. Spartacus should focus on preventing crime not making our workplaces and streets less safe by giving criminals a pass.  For me this begs the question why is Booker so focused on making life easy for criminals instead of making life safe for law abiding citizens?

Booker should be focused on reducing recidivism through job skills training and assistance adjusting back into society not reducing sentences for offenders or hiding criminal records from employers.