NJ GOP Chairman: Dems are conspiring for one-party rule in NJ. You should stop them!

New Jersey Republican State Committee Chair Doug Steinhardt published an Op-Ed piece in the Star Ledger on Monday pointing out that Legislative Democrats are scheming to weaken our State Constitution and marginalize the value of your vote.

According to Chairman Steinhardt “politicians in control of the state legislature want to strike at the heart of our constitution. Their amendment doesn’t solve the state’s fiscal crisis or even address it. It doesn’t promote the health, safety or welfare of New Jerseyans.  Instead, Democratic leadership is conniving, over the holidays, to rush through a constitutional amendment that will rig the legislative redistricting process and secure for them a permanent majority by creating legislative districts that allow greedy politicians to take you and your votes for granted”.  Steinhardt goes on to say “If they succeed, they’ll no longer have to earn your support, because the rules will change to perpetuate one party rule, forever. It isn’t criminal, but it should be.  The bill, ACR60/SCR43, is proposed by a few, powerful men to eliminate Republican competition and perpetuate their personal power”.

How can you help?

First click here to find your state legislator and contact him or her. Let them know that you don’t support SCR43.

Then click here to sign the NJGOP’s petition opposing SCR43.

Stop Dems

Are you mad yet New Jersey?