Has failed candidate Vincent Squire lost his mind or suffering from narcissism?

Disgraced and failed 2017 Pennsauken Township Committee and 2018 Camden County Freeholder candidate Vincent Squire may have officially lost his mind.  Has the pressure of being a two time disgraced and failed candidate gotten to him?  The pressure of a foreclosed home on its way to sheriff sale?  The pressure of pending criminal charges?  His anger at the Camden County GOP for disavowing him?  His anger at bloggers and social media posters bringing out truths that I assume he’d have preferred remained hidden?  His anger that his food drive was exposed as a thinly veiled political stunt?

We all know that Squire has been focused on shutting down this blog.  He came right out and said so in this video.  As a two time candidate for public office Squire apparently has a problem with anyone digging into his criminal record, qualifications (or lack thereof), pending criminal charges, lies and inaccurate positions on the very issues he has run on.  First he threatened this blogger, then he “served” me with a fake $10 million lawsuit (the docket number on his lawsuit was a suit he filed against complete other parties which I verified at the Camden County Courthouse), then filed frivolous criminal charges against this blogger based on lies in two different South Jersey towns.

Anyone who has watched Squire throughout his two failed campaigns for office shouldn’t be surprised by his behavior.  To many of us he’s proven himself not to have the temperament, maturity or knowledge to hold public office.  Based upon his past behavior no one should be surprised by Squire’s latest antics although every time I think he’s reached bottom he finds another step down.

Squire photo mouth open

A few weeks ago on Facebook Squire began to claim that a Pennsauken resident who I have never met by the name of Matt was really me using a fake user name.  It was so ridiculous that we simply laughed.  This week I began to get messages from people who Squire got into arguments with online then accused them of being me.  None of these people do I know nor have I ever met.  Two of the people he’s accused of being me are Camden County Republican Committee members who SQUIRE HAS MET!  Many of these exchanges took place on Facebook pages I do not even belong to or have access to.

I have come up with a couple of possible explanations for Squire’s latest antics.  Squire is trying to use frivolous criminal charges to shut down my blog.  Since we know he committed perjury when he filed these charges does he intend to continue to commit perjury and claim in a court of law that all of these people he’s arguing with online are me?  After all Squire has made it clear more than once that since I’ve shared his mug shot he’s looking forward to sharing mine.

Squire Prison Pic

The Dictionary defines Narcissism as extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration.  I have no professional qualifications to make a diagnosis but could Squire be suffering from a narcissistic personality and therefore unable to accept that anyone but me disagrees with him?  Could it be too much for Squire to accept that others do not feel he is qualified to hold public office therefore anyone who opposes him is me?  I don’t know.  I won’t try to get into the depths of Squire’s mind.  As we’ve seen Squire quote Jay-Z many times we’ll just let him brush that dirt of his shoulder.

Sauire Shoulder 2

To protect people who have nothing to do with this I will not share screen shots of their messages to me (I did keep them) but I will share what a couple of them said.

“Hi Mike.  You don’t know me but I got into  confrontation with Vince Squire today in Pennsauken Talks.  Long story short since he ran out of nonsense to spew out he accused me of being you LOL.  At first I had no idea who you were until I saw that you like Squire about as much as I do.  So just giving you a little heads up.”

“Mike my name is XXXXX XXXXX.  Do you know a man named Vince Squire?  He is insisting that myself and another man I’ve known for some time are actually just posting as us but are really someone with your name.  He got ugly last night on FB against me”

Another said publicly in a thread “Who is this guy Vincent Squire who is calling me Mike Astringer?  And telling me to buy soap on a rope”

Another responded to a thread “L.O.L. Squire thinks everyone who doesn’t like him is Mike in disguise”

I’ll share a few of the screen shots that were sent to me of Squire accusing people of being me.  I’ve blacked out their names to protect people who have nothing to do with this.   Anyone reading this might want to ask themselves with Squire threatening physical  violence against me, “serving” me with a fake lawsuit, filing frivolous criminal charges against me, saying on video that I had been convicted of two charges (untrue) and that he’s going to shut down “your rag, I mean your blog” and now arguing with people on the Internet and accusing those people of being me who is harassing who?

Squire accusing me

Squire Accusing me 2