New Jersey Governor Murphy does realize it snows here, right?

New Jersey Governor Murphy does realize that we live in the Northeast, right?  He knows it snows here right?  A few inches of snow and complete chaos?  In East Orange approximately 100 students had to spend the night at school because of road conditions.  Commuters who commute by bus from Manhattan were told to find another way home.  Drivers spent hours on roadways some even running out of gas and police responded to hundreds of accidents.  Across the state we averaged 1 to 6 inches of snow.  What would have happened had been a significant snow storm?

Things got so bad yesterday that had to ask this morning What went wrong and why wasn’t NJ better prepared?  The NJ Office of Emergency Management activated the state’s Emergency Operations Center at 7:00 Thursday morning yet Murphy claimed the state was caught off guard by the magnitude of the storm blaming weather forecasters “Nobody got this right.  This gives forecasting a bad name”.  Governor Murphy, may I go out on a limb and say that your response gives Governoring a bad name?

This morning NJ Transit bus and rail lines are experiencing delays and cancellations.  The North Jersey Coast Line and the Gladstone Branch are suspended.  New Jersey roads remain treacherous.  The speed limit is reduced to 50 MPH on parts of the NJ Turnpike.  Disabled vehicles are still littering roads throughout the state.

Fox News reporter Elizabeth Llorente shared this Tweet this morning.

Elizabeth Tweet

Even former Governor Chris Christie found himself stranded.  Christie called into NJ 101.5 radio around 7:00 last night saying he was at a dead stop in Springfield.  Christie said a drive that usually takes about 35 minutes took him five hours and 40 minutes.  “I’d love to know what they did do because whatever it was, it was inadequate” Christie said.

Christie Tweet shared Tweets from drivers caught in yesterday’s horrific commute. 

Storm Tweet

Is it too much for the people of New Jersey to ask the Governor to do what he was hired for and focus on the people of our state?  Murphy is so focused on challenging President Trump, illegal immigrants, legalized marijuana, crippling small businesses with a dramatically increased minimum wage  and even using NJ taxpayer funds to restore the island of Puerto Rico that he seems to have forgotten that his job is to serve New Jersey.  Yesterday was a relatively small snow event.  I fear what will happen to our state if a significant emergency takes place!