Why do New Jersey’s Governor and Attorney General feel they don’t have to enforce the law?

Why is it that New Jersey’s Governor and top state law enforcement officer do not feel the need to comply with federal law?  We’ve had to stand by and watch Murphy and Grewal put a halt on marijuana prosecutions despite marijuana continuing both federally illegal and illegal in the State of New Jersey.  Now Murphy and Grewal appear to be following through on Murphy’s campaign promise to make New Jersey a sanctuary state while defying federal immigration laws and blocking federal law enforcement offers from doing their jobs.

An article on the NJ101.5 web site caught my attention today.  According to the article Attorney General Grewal will be laying out sanctuary rules limiting New Jersey’s cooperation with ICE.  The rules outlining how New Jersey law enforcement agencies should interact with ICE are expected to be handed down in December.  ““We’ll be issuing a new revised directive to give our county prosecutors and state law enforcement better guidance on what their role is and isn’t when it comes to the enforcement of federal civil immigration law,” Grewal said.   He went on to say “we’re not here as state law enforcement officers to enforce federal civil immigration laws and we’re going to spell that out in the forthcoming guidance.”


Did the Attorney General of the State of New Jersey just say publicly that it is not the responsibility of New Jersey’s law enforcement officers to enforce laws?  If someone hijacks a plane or robs a bank in New Jersey is Grewal going to instruct New Jersey’s law enforcement officers to not only refuse to assist but stand in the way of federal law enforcement as he in standing in the way of ICE enforcing federal immigration laws?  If Murphy’s socialist programs are not costing New Jersey’s tax payers enough his refusal to cooperate with federal law enforcement to enforce immigration laws is costing the state $16 billion in federal funding.

While on the NJ1015.com web site I found an article from afternoon host Jeff Deminski titled “Sanctuary Gov Murphy has blood on his hands“.  Deminski says that in February Luis Perez was set free in defiance of a federal detainer.  On November 1st authorities say he went to Missouri, shot two men and wounded two others.  The following day they say he shot and killed a woman.  Perez is currently jailed without bond on 11 felonies including first-degree murder.  Corey Price, ICE’s acting executive associate director said “Had ICE’s detainer request in December 2017 been honored by Middlesex County Jail, Luis Rodrigo Perez would have been placed in deportation proceedings and likely sent home to his country – and three innocent people might be alive today.”

So I ask again.  Why do New Jersey Governor Murphy and Attorney General Grewal not feel the need to enforce the law?

While gathering information for this story I came across this petition by the New Jersey Republican State Committee.   I signed it and I hope that you will also.

NJ GOP Petition