WARNING: Do not read Governor Murphy’s Facebook feed when you are trying to go to sleep. It won’t end well.

I am self-employed and work an average of 14 hours a day and often times work 6 or 7 days in a week.  Rest is important to me.  Most nights I lay down around 7:00, scroll social media and news sites or watch YouTube videos for an hour or so and go to sleep by 8:00 in anticipation of my alarm going off at 4:00 AM.  Most of the time I try to avoid nighttime topics that I know will keep me awake either angry or thinking about them.  Last night I was unsuccessful in that endeavor having stumbled upon a Facebook post from Governor Murphy and laying awake reading the comments.

Murphy Post

As with many of his social media posts Murphy started this post off with a criticism of President Trump.  I often think that Murphy’s hatred of our President overrides his desire to serve New Jersey.  Murphy could have easily expressed his desire to help the people of Puerto Rico without making it another in a string of rants against the President.  I agree with many of the comments you will read below.  Murphy is pledging to “never turn our backs on our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico” while he is turning his back on the tax paying citizens of New Jersey.  Murphy goes on to say “The Garden State will do everything it can to help rebuild the island and continue to provide aid and support to the Puerto Rican people”  Governor Murphy why are you not doing everything you can to help and provide aid and support to the people of New Jersey?

The reality is President Trump is ending federal disaster funding in Puerto Rico because there is evidence that relief funds are being misused.  In February the President extended federal relief to Puerto Rico apparently before suspicions about what the funds were being used for.

According to The Hill the Trump administration’s response was unprecedented.  “The longest sustained domestic air mission of food and water response.  The largest disaster commodity distribution mission in U.S. history”.  Spending more than $70 billion in aid, supplying 3.8 million meals, sending 148 airlifts and deploying the USS Comfort.

As with many of Murphy’s social media posts people had a lot to say.  Apparently our Governor forgets that he is sworn to serve the people of New Jersey and doesn’t care much about our concerns as he pushes forward his socialist, overtaxed, sanctuary state, $15 an hour minimum wage and legalized marijuana vision for New Jersey.   Once he pushes the businesses and revenue generators out of New Jersey I’m not sure who he thinks will be left to fund his socialist dream.  Oh that’s right.  The marijuana tax!  Please note sarcasm.

Murphy Coffee

These are just some of the comments on Murphy’s Facebook post last night.  Wouldn’t it be great if our Governor cared what we had to say?

“Put your money where your mouth is #governorfreestuff.  Pay for it out of your own pocket and lead by example”.

“What exit is Puerto Rico on the NJ turnpike or GSP? I cannot find it on my map of NJ”

“You have turned your back on the taxpayers of NJ. We all know your posturing for a WH run but how about you fix, or pretend to fix, the state you were sadly elected to govern? And try to do it without cameras, Photo-Op Phil”

“Money…money…money. I cant work anymore jobs and I can’t even take care of my own family, never mind everyone else’s. Pay it out of your own millions, stop taxing us to death!”

Why don’t you stop worrying what President Trump is doing and concern yourself with New Jersey residents”. 

“There isn’t an ending flow of money in government although you think there is as you pillage NJ’s middle class”.

“New Jersey will rebuild Puerto Rico but New Jersey won’t even rebuild New Jersey first”.

“It’s unconscionable that the Governor of NJ is spending so much time grandstanding and not buckling down and concentrating on the mess that is NJ that he was elected for fix”.

“Isn’t the exorbitant taxes already taken from NJ citizens supposed to be used to help NJ?”

“Phil Murphy worry about bleeding NJ dry, you’re a governor not a senator. You’re doing enough damage here”.

“But how are you going to save NJ. The tax burden on its citizens and 221 billion in debt is destroying this State. Let’s figure that out before we start taking on more than we can handle”.

“It’s unconscionable that the people of NJ are being taxed left and right while we have no more to give”.

“How about looking out for your OWN constituents once in awhile?”

“I have an idea, stop pandering to the weak minded by bashing our President and focus on cutting costs in NJ, fixing pensions, fixing roads and lowering taxes”.

“New Jersey is slipping deeper and deeper into debt every minute of the day and you still want to give more of our tax dollars away? What the hell is wrong with you? Why don’t you do the righteous thing and start fixing New Jersey”.

“Take all that money you put aside for illegal immigration and use that”.

“NJ will be the California of the east coast – Phil Murphy.  So NJ will a disaster like over taxed over regulated CA which it’s residents are fleeing from to red states to vote blue to turn them to shit holes too. Does nobody see the pattern?”

“Yes but it shouldn’t be at the expense of NJ taxpayers. Helping is one thing, bleeding us dry is another. There’s help and then there’s going overboard. Try thinking about our state first. Then think of others. We have enough issues”.

“Fix our corruption first. Don’t use the state as a means to your own political agenda”.f it

“Governor Phil Murphy how about before we help Puerto Rico, we help NJ first. This coming from a Puerto Rican woman with family still in the island”.

“Stay in your lane if you become president you can make the big boy decisions. Until then you are just obnoxious background noise”.

“Phil please what now? You can’t spend our money fast enough?”

“Keep raising taxes make it impossible for the working class people to live in NJ”

“NJ tax payers on the hook again”

“Tell me why I can barely make it paycheck to paycheck because of the taxation situation in this state and you do nothing to help your own state residents but want to send OUR money to Puerto Rico? How about reducing taxes in NJ and then let people give what they can afford to Puerto Rico?”

“Like you have failed the people of NJ”

“You do realize you are governor of a state in desperate need of your attention right?”

“Worry about NJ and how you are killing us on taxes”.

“Worry about NJ first. We are drowning in taxes, public transformation is a mess, the roads are a mess”.

“This guy is the biggest disaster in the history of New Jersey”.

“With all your money Phil, why don’t you donate a couple of million?”

“Governor Phil Murphy I don’t pay taxes to this state so that the money can be used elsewhere”.

“Will you worry about the issues affecting New Jersey for once?”

“Governor, your constituency is in New Jersey. Focus on us”.

“Stop bashing trump and concentrate on nj”

“Stop taking shots at the President and do something to improve New Jersey”.

“Hey Phil. Do New Jersey a favor. Move to Puerto Rico”

“Just turn your back on the citizens of this state”.

“Last one to leave New Jersey shut off the lights”