Chris Christie for Attorney General? YES PLEASE!

According to CBS News President Trump’s short list to replace Jeff Sessions as Attorney General includes Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani.  In Christie and Giuliani Trump is considering two experienced ex-federal prosecutors and chief executives of New Jersey and New York City who are tough no-nonsense leaders and crime fighters.

Here in New Jersey Chris Christie not only got himself elected Governor twice in a solidly blue state but made significant change to improve New Jersey’s economy and the lives of New Jerseyans.  With a Democratically controlled legislature Christie was able to keep state spending below the rate of inflation, decrease the size of government in New Jersey, championed reform of the state’s pension system and enacted property tax reform in the state with one of the highest property tax rates in the nation.   In the later years of Christie’s administration he made drug addition and treatment his focus enacting sweeping reforms to emphasize treatment.  Of course no one in New Jersey will forget Governor Christie’s swift action and level head in the days after Hurricane Sandy or working with President Obama to bring much needed aid to New Jersey.

Christie Obama

Christie proved he possess the ability to put politics aside and work closely with Democrats to do what was best for the residents he swore to serve.  One only has to look at Christie’s relationship with NJ State Senate President Steve Sweeney.  Christie and Sweeney worked together for the people of New Jersey.

As a Federal Prosecutor Christie was tough on crime and terror.  In his seven years as a U.S. Attorney Christie restructured the U.S. Attorney’s office to focus resources on anti-terrorism cases, created a terrorism unit within the U.S. Attorney’s office, spearheaded several terror related investigations and prosecuted multiple 9/11 terror cases.

Unfortunately Christie finished his term with the lowest approval rating of any past New Jersey Governor.  Christie’s tough no-nonsense style lost him friends in New Jersey.  His battles with public sector unions over concessions for the good of the people of New Jersey lost him the support of teachers and union members.  Ultimately Christie focused on the people of New Jersey not his approval ratings and popularity.  For me that’s one of the things that made him a great Governor.

For most Americans the images of Rudy Giuliani at Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks will never  be forgotten.  Giuliani was the Mayor of New York on September 11, 2001 and played a visible role in the aftermath of the attacks on the World Trade Center.  Giuliani coordinated the response of various city departments while organizing state and federal authorities for citywide anti-terrorist measures and for restoration of destroyed infrastructure.  Giuliani was hailed by many for his leadership after the attacks.

As Mayor of New York from 1994 to 2001 Giuliani was widely credited for making major improvements in the city’s quality of life and lowering the rate of violent crimes.  During Giuliani’s term as Mayor the New York City Police Department took an aggressive enforcement/deterrent approach to crime cracking down on relatively minor offences on the theory that this would send a message that order would be maintained.


Giuliani served as Associate Attorney General, the third highest role in the Justice Department, under President Reagan.  Giuliani was responsible for supervising U.S. Attorney Offices, federal law enforcement agencies, the Department of Corrections, DEA and United States Marshals Service.  Giuliani was then appointed as the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.  He voluntarily took what amounted to a demotion because wanted to be a crime fighter.  He successfully went after organized crime, financial crimes, drug crimes and corruption in government.  As an Italian American Giuliani took Italian organized crime personally and was the first Prosecutor to use the  Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, which had been on the books since 1970, to charge the heads of the New York mafia’s “Five Families” in 1985.   In 1987 the administrations of the Five Families (with the exception of Paul Castellano who was murdered in December of 1985) were convicted and sentenced to 100 years in prison.

I believe that either of these men would make an outstanding Attorney General and I applaud President Trump for considering them.  While Giuliani has experience serving in a leadership role at the Justice Department my hope is for an Attorney General Chris Christie.  I believe that Christie has the experience, desire, ability and energy to serve as Attorney General.  Christie’s hard nosed no nonsense approach is exactly what is needed.  Additionally Christie has displayed conservative values that I resonate with where Giuliani appears to be more left of center.

Chris Christie for Attorney General?  YES PLEASE!