Election night 2018 was a disappointment for NJ Republicans

Remember the job market that was booming?  The job market that has reflected more available jobs then available talent for the first time in recorded U.S. history?  The 3.7% unemployment rate?  The U.S. economy that’s about to set a record for the longest expansion?  The record breaking stock market?  The U.S. once again becoming a leader on the world stage?  The safety and security of our nation being a priority?  President’s Trump’s America first strategy?  Remember when our President was working with Congress to make the lives of the American people better?  #MeToo.  Like it was yesterday.

Today is a different world.  We are back to obstructionist politics that will do nothing but hurt the American people.  Last night Democrats took control of the United States House of Representatives while Republicans kept control of the Senate.  Democrats ran successfully on an anti-Trump platform.  That’s right.  You barely heard from most of them.  They didn’t bother to tell you what they’d do to make your lives better.  They barely had a platform.  Apparently promising to stand up to Trump was enough.

Ronald Reagan once said “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

A man whose political views I respect recently told me that Democrats run on emotion while Republicans run on facts.  That theory played out yesterday while the Democrat’s one issue anti-Trump platform paid off.  Democrats successfully convinced their base that President Trump is a racist, Nazi, xenophobe who is inciting violence in our country.  Of course none of it is true  but it created a narrative that a Democratic voting base reacted to.  I learned a long time that truth doesn’t matter to Liberals.  Last night that proved itself true.

Nancy Pelosi has already laid out her vision for a Democratically controlled House “It’s about stopping the GOP”.   Put on your seat belts folks.  The roller coaster ride is about to begin and the American people will be the big losers.

Here in New Jersey the results were no less disappointing.  The people of New Jersey are sending Menendez back to the Senate.  Let that sink in for a moment.  New Jersey voters re-elected Robert Menendez.  The man who can talk about no significant accomplishments after 44-years in politics.  The man who faced charges for corruption  (his trial resulting in a hung jury).  The man who was reprimand by the bipartisan Senate Ethics Committee saying he “broke the law” and that his actions “reflected discredit upon the Senate”.  The man who faced allegations that he had contact with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.  The man who had a single issue platform of “standing up to Trump” is going back to DC to represent the people of New Jersey.  If this isn’t proof that liberals fell for the fake narrative of Democratic leadership and voted strictly down party lines to “stop Trump” I don’t know what is.

Hugin Results

New Jersey can be counted on as old reliable for the Democratic party.  A solidly blue state.  After all this is the same state who elected Phil Murphy as Governor over the much more qualified Kim Guadagno.  Bob Hugin gave Democrats the strongest challenge they’ve had in a Senate race since the 1970’s.  I thank Bob Hugin for his hard work, aggressive campaign and willingness to serve the people of New Jersey with honor.

Then there was the Pennsauken Township Committee race.  Democrats have controlled Pennsauken for over 30-years.  This year was an opportunity for change and a two-party system in Pennsauken.  All four candidates running for two seats on Pennsauken’s Township Committee were brand new to politics.  Republicans Lisa Eckel and Sabrina Winkler put on strong campaign engaging with voters and laying out their vision for change in Pennsauken.  Unfortunately voters in Pennsauken, like most of New Jersey, voted straight down the Democratic ticket.  These two woman love Pennsauken and ran to serve and improve our community with no other agenda.  Over the course of the past several months I came to deeply respect and admire Lisa and Sabrina.  I am proud to call them friends.  I hope they continue their passion for our community and stay involved.  I congratulate Marco DiBattista and Jessica Rafeh on their election to Pennsauken Township Committee and hope they will focus on what is best for our community.

The one bright side to our local races yesterday was the defeat of disgraced Camden County Freeholder candidate Vincent Squire.  Like his 2017 run for Pennsauken Township Committee Squire came in dead last.

Sauire Loss

So where do Republicans in New Jersey go from here.  Is it time to pack up and move to Florida or stay and fight?  I can’t speak for all of you but for me it’s time to fight.  Republicans in New Jersey must regroup.  Liberals love to use the term resist but it is Republicans in New Jersey who must resist the agenda of Murphy and NJ Democrats to make us the “California of the east coast”.  We must prepare to fight the Democratic agenda that is wrong for our country and wrong for our state.  We must prepare for the fight in 2020 to get our country back on track after what I anticipate to be the obstructionist political agenda of the Democrats.  We must prepare to ensure Democrats do not send Cory “Spartacus” Booker back to Washington.

Most importantly we have to get angry.  We Republicans are too fact based and unemotional for our own good.  It’s time for us to #RESIST. It’s time for us to hold our government (at all levels) accountable.  It’s time for us to fight.  It’s time for us to speak out.  The future of our nation and our children’s futures are too important to sit back and watch the Liberal agenda destroy America.   It’s time to get up, go to the window, open it and yell I’m as mad as hell and I’m not  going to take this anymore!