Last minute desperation by Team Squire?

I am someone who enjoys politics.  I don’t like B.S.  I spend a lot of time researching candidates for public office.  I share that information with my fellow voters via this blog.  My “sources” have included OPRA’d documents, searches for documents on the NJ Courts web site, the ELEC web site and candidate social media channels and web sites.  In some cases I have gone out to in attempt to interview candidates and get answers to the questions voters are asking.  I learned pretty quickly that if a politician is not answering voters questions there is most likely a reason and my showing up with a camera to interview them isn’t going to make much difference.  I believe that most voters do not do the level of research that I do before going into the voting booth.  I am proud to provide voters the information they need to make informed decisions.  Hopefully people enjoy this blog as it’s received over 13,500 hits in the past few months leading up the mid-term elections.

It’s no secret that I do not support disgraced Camden County Freeholder candidate Vincent Squire.  Last year when Squire ran for Pennsauken Township Committee he had the chance to gain my support (and the support of many others in Pennsauken) but he failed – miserably.  Squire was caught in lies, proven to be uninformed on the issues and behaved in a way that I can only describe as puzzling.   Additionally we found out he had a criminal record (multiple Theft by Deception convictions), his family home was in foreclosure and owed over $1 million in fines and penalties to Pennsauken Township and he was arrested and charged last summer for  second degree felony assault for striking his child.  This year hasn’t gone much better for Squire.  After moving from running for Pennsauken Township Committeemen for a second year to Camden County Freeholder he was disavowed by the Camden County Republican Partyrefused to resign from the race after being asked to do so by the CCGOP, I believe he has continued to demonstrate he is uninformed on the issues important to Camden County voters, more lies and has gone so far as to fraudulently use the court system to attempt to shut me down.  He even said so on video “Mr Astringer we’re shutting you down“.  More recently it was learned that Squire’s family home continues in foreclosure and is on it’s way to be sold.  It was also learned that Squire has failed to file reports with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission as required by law.   I believe his trial for second degree felony assault for striking his child is scheduled for this month.  It appears Squire has not taken the race for County Freeholder in 2018 any more seriously then he took the race for Pennsauken Township Committeeman in 2017.

Squire Prison Pic

Last night I began receiving messages and was tagged in a post on Facebook about a Patch article Squire was mentioned in.  I was in bed but briefly read the article thinking “how could a Patch writer put out a piece that is so inaccurate and leaves out so many facts?

Squire Patch Post

This morning I learned the answer.  A Patch writer did not do the piece.  This article was written by Patch “poster” “Bobby”.  The next logical question was what is a patch “poster”?  It wasn’t hard to find.  Patch has a contributor program where the public is invited to come share their content.  According to the Patch contributor program “this group is comprised of “local voices” – organizations and city government bloggers, charities, schools, non-profits, but also can be local tastemakers (restaurant owners, business owners, etc.)”  This appears to be to be the equivalent of a letter to the editor but worse.  It doesn’t appear that anyone confirms that articles written by “contributors” are factual.  Contributors are given “a personal Patch login so you can post directly to the site” and “the ability to get your news out to your audience right away”.  There is absolutely no journalistic integrity to the “contributor” program.  Apparently once you have a Patch user name and password you can post whatever you want.

So who is Patch poster Bobby?  I have no idea.  He appears to be angry with the Camden County GOP and apparently supports Squire.  He submitted the same article criticizing the CCGOP on October 2nd and 3rd to the Gloucester Township, Cherry Hill and Collingswood Patch Sites and posted the article mentioning Squire yesterday to the Cherry Hill site.  In the initial post Patch poster Bobby complains about the Camden County Republicans moonlighting for the Democratic party.  Is this because Patch poster Bobby believes that by disavowing themselves from Squire they dropped the only candidate who can beat Democrats?  If so Patch poster Bobby has a sense of humor – or is delusional.  You pick.

Patch Poster Bobby

I probably shouldn’t give Patch poster Bobby the legitimacy of responding to the equivalent of a badly written Facebook post but I will.   In last night’s article (which included a picture of Squire) entitled “Breaking: SJ Political Attack Ads Could Be Costly All Around Patch poster Bobby said;

Breaking : SJ Political Attack Ads Could Be Costly All Around

“With so much at stake in SJ, the Camden County Republican Party has little interest in putting any effort forward for any of the County Candidates. Instead the party turned their attention early on to Freeholder Candidate Vincent Squire running in the Camden County Republican party.  And then, there was a falling out between Squire and the County Chair Rich Ambrosino – and that’s when the party separated from him.  The County Republicans turned their candidate’s lack of voter support and frustration as fuel to start attacking the outed Squire. However, running a negative campaign has its consequences. But worse, running a malicious and spiteful campaign against your once own Camden County Candidate boomeranged, and the resulting energy catapulted Squire into the spotlight as a legitimate viable candidate to unseat one of the three freeholder spots that are up for grabs”.

Clearly Patch poster Bobby did not read the Press Release put out by the CCGOP or the coverage the story received online.  Let me address some of Patch poster Bobby’s points.

I would hardly call this breaking news.  Breaking news is, for example, the home of a candidate for Camden County Freeholder foreclosed upon.  Or a Camden County Freeholder candidate failing to submit required disclosures to the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission.  Or a Camden County Freeholder candidate facing trial for second degree felony assault for striking his child.  Or that same candidate threatening a voter while running for Pennsauken Township Committee last year.  Patch poster Bobby has provided us nothing more than his badly written opinion.  This is the equivalent of a badly written Facebook post not breaking news.

The Camden County GOP has made their reasons for dumping Squire perfectly clear in their August 2018 Press Release.  In that press release the CCGOP stated that they had asked Squire to resign from the Freeholder race and he refused.  At issue wqas Squire not being completely honest about his checkered past, an alias he had used and his pending second degree felony assault charges for striking his son.  The CCGOP also says they are aware of at least one cash contribution to Squire’s campaign that he had not turned in or reported to ELEC.  They wondered if Squire had tken other cash contributions they were not aware of.  If Patch poster Bobby would like a copy of the CCGOP’s press release I’m happy to get him one.

Bob and Steve Show 2

Patch poster Bobby accused the CCGOP of running a negative campaign against Squire.  Patch poster Bobby says “The County Republicans turned their candidate’s lack of voter support and frustration as fuel to start attacking the outed Squire.”  Patch poster Bobby goes on to say that the CCGOP ran a “malicious and spiteful campaign against your once own Camden County Candidate boomeranged, and the resulting energy catapulted Squire into the spotlight as a legitimate viable candidate.  I’ve not seen any comment on Squire or his candidacy from the CCGOP since they released their August press release.  I assume they knew he’d implode on his own.  Bloggers and news articles have commented on Squire but I have seen nothing from the CCGOP.  Patch poster Bobby must be following Squire’s lead.  He’s lying.

Squire photo mouth open

Additionally for anyone, including Patch poster Bobby, to call Squire a “legitimate viable candidate” you’d have to  be OK with;

I could go on but I think my point is made.  Many voters I speak with agree that Squire is not a “legitimate viable candidate”.

Patch poster Bobby you opinion piece belonged as a Facebook post (but then you would have had to reveal your identity wouldn’t you?).  The piece is not factual and you posting it on the Patch web site does not make it legitimate or truthful.