Camden County Freeholder Candidate Vincent Squire has failed to file ELEC reports

Camden County Freeholder candidate Vincent Squire was disavowed by the Camden County GOP losing their support and expertise in running a campaign.  That however does not give Squire a right to ignore the law.  It appears Squire has failed to file required financial disclosures to the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission.

The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (or ELEC) has deadlines for filing financial disclosures.  Any expense over $300 must be reported via a C1 or an R1 filing (depending on the amount of expenditures by the campaign).

ELEC Dates

I looked up Squire’s name on the ELEC web site and saw nothing reported by the October 26, 2018 deadline.  In fact I see no financial disclosures from 2017 or 2018.  He did file a D1 in early October and an amended D1 in mid-October but not the required C1 or R1.

Squire ELEC

That prompted me to contact ELEC.  It was confirmed that Squire had not filed either a C1 or R1 form by the October 26, 2018 deadline.  I specifically asked the question “If Squire received billboards on payments terms that did not require him to pay up front will he still have had to disclose by the October 26, 2018 deadline?”.  I was told by ELEC that reporting is based on when services are received not when payment is made.

Squire Billboard 1

I have seen a couple of Squire’s billboards in Pennsauken.  I have been told that he also has a digital billboard in Pennsauken as well as billboards in Gloucester Township and one on the Atlantic City Expressway.  These billboards reflect that they were paid for by “Squire for Camden County Freeholder”.  I don’t know the price of Squire’s billboards but have done some research.  Billboards in South Jersey are generally considerably more than $300.

Paid for by

I searched the ELEC web site for both “Vincent Squire” and “Squire for Camden County Freeholder before I called ELEC.  Neither produced a filed C1 or R1 report.

ELEC SearchELEC Search 2

ELEC No Results.JPG

According to its web site The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission is dedicated to administering “The New Jersey Campaign Contributions and Expenditures Reporting Act‚” “The Gubernatorial‚ Legislative Disclosure Statement Act‚” “Legislative and Governmental Process Activities Disclosure Act‚”.  It’s purpose is to ensure campaign finance and pay to play laws are enforced.  It’s critical that candidates running for office in New Jersey complete the legally required disclosures and that integrity in our election system is ensured.

I cannot support a Camden County Freeholder candidate who does not display knowledge of the law or financial responsibility.  No longer having the support of the Camden County GOP is not an excuse for Squire not filing the required disclosures with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission.  I have brought this to the attention of ELEC and am requesting that ELEC conduct an investigation.