Are fiscal responsibility and honesty traits we expect in a candidate for Camden County Freeholder?

Are fiscal responsibility and honesty traits we should expect from failed 2017 Pennsauken Township Committee and disgraced 2018 Camden County Freeholder candidate Vincent Squire?  During his 2017 campaign for Pennsauken Township Committee this blogger uncovered that Squire’s family home was in foreclosure.  You may remember that Squire committed harassment and fraud when he “served” me and two others with a fake $10 million lawsuit (the Docket Number he put on his lawsuit belonged to an entirely different case he had brought against other parties) as a result of bringing this information public.  Because of Squire threatening legal action this blogger OPRA’d documents and searched the NJ Courts web site for documentation.  I wrote about it in a blog post entitled Vincent Squire should get his own house in order before he tries to govern yours.  At the time Squire had announced he’d be running for Pennsauken Township Committee again in 2018.  He had not yet began his campaign for Camden County Freeholder.

As a result of talk of Squire’s family home being in foreclosure in 2017 he put out the following video.  In that video Squire claimed that there “is no foreclosure”.  He stated that the entire matter was a disagreement with his mortgage company, he had put the money in escrow and “after we settled we actually had enough money to put down and pay down the principal of our mortgage”.

The documents that I obtained at the time showed that the company who holds the mortgage on Squire’s family home had paid the foreclosure fee to Pennsauken Township for 2018, the home was listed in Pennsauken’s database as an active foreclosure and the NJ Courts web site still showed the case active.  The OPRA’d documents along with documentation of over $1.2 million in fines and penalties owed on the family home to Pennsauken Township are in this prior blog post.

As Squire has refused to do the right thing and resign from the Camden County Freeholder race despite being disavowed by the Camden County GOP I decided to do some updated research on Squire.  What I found shows that Squire’s family home continues not only to be in foreclosure but in Sheriff Sale status.  If Squire’s home is sold in a Sheriff’s Sale how do we know that he will continue to reside in Camden County?

If I am following the case correctly the foreclosure action began in 2016.  According to an Attorney representing the mortgage company the mortgage has been in default since 2015.  Squire’s wife (I redacted her name from the documents since she is not running for office) filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2018 (since it’s part of the foreclosure case jacket I assume it was to stop foreclosure activities).  That bankruptcy was dismissed.  Squire himself filed a motion to stay the Sheriff’s Sale on May 12, 2018.  In that motion Squire stated “We are retired and this is our primary residence.  We only request to not have escrow and pay our own taxes and insurance”.  No where does Squire mention bringing the mortgage current, loan modification or refinance. This does not appear to be an effort to bring the mortgage current but to stop a Sheriff’s Sale.  The Attorney for the mortgage company (who received Squire’s motion one day before a scheduled Sheriff’s Sale) objected and ultimately Squire’s motion was denied.

Squire Wife BK Denial

Squire Stay Motion

Squire Stay Motion 2

Attorney Letter Opposing Squire Motion

Attorney Letter Opposing Squire Motion 2

Squire Motion Denied

Many Americans fall into financial hard times. I sympathize with those who face difficulties and the loss of their home.  However, I would not elect them to represent me as a County Freeholder.  I expect those elected to represent the citizens of Camden County to have demonstrated financial responsibility in their personal lives if they are going take part in making financial decisions in county government.   Equally concerning is Squire’s lies.  The voters I have spoken to have told me they might have been much more sympathetic of Squire had he simply been honest with the people of Camden County.

Let us not also forget that in addition to Squire’s prior criminal convictions (convictions for which he has given three very different explanations – I have those explanations by Squire on video) he is facing an upcoming trial for Second Degree Felony Assault for striking his teenage son.

Squire Prison Pic

As a Republican voter in Camden County I cannot support Vincent Squire for Camden County freeholder.  In my opinion he has not displayed the integrity, responsibility, demeanor or knowledge of the issues to serve the people of Camden County.  In addition he is a convicted felon facing trial for an additional charge.