Hundreds of jobs and millions in tax revenues are about to leave New Jersey.

New Jersey Governor Murphy handed the State of North Carolina a gift this week as a Fortune 100 company has announced it will be moving its headquarters out of New Jersey.  According to the North Carolina based News & Observer Honeywell will be moving it’s corporate headquarters from Morris Plains New Jersey to Charlotte North Carolina taking with it 700 to 800 jobs that pay median salaries of $85,000. The first 150 to 200 senior management positions will move to Charlotte between now and September 2019.   While Murphy was focused on minimum wage workers and illegal immigrants New Jersey just lost hundreds of jobs and millions in tax revenue.

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Stay and fight or leave New Jersey?

I grew up in New Jersey.   I spent my childhood until my Freshman year of high school in Ocean County near Seaside and my high school years until my early 20’s in Atlantic County near Atlantic City.  In 1993 at the age of 23 I relocated to Nevada.  I was always proud to tell people I was from New Jersey.  In 2003 I relocated back to New Jersey.  In 2005 I got married.  My wife was from Pennsylvania so I lived there until 5-years ago when I came back to New Jersey.  When I returned to New Jersey at the age of 43 I was home and never intended on leaving.  Until now.

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Goodbye Garden State. Welcome to New Jersey. The Sanctuary State

We knew it was coming.  Murphy campaigned on making New Jersey a sanctuary state.  Just a couple of weeks ago Attorney General Grewal said he would hand down new sanctuary rules and directives on how New Jersey’s law enforcement agencies should interact with ICE.  At the time I asked why New Jersey’s Governor and Attorney General do not feel they have to enforce the law.  I also pointed out at the time that Murphy and Grewal’s refusal to cooperate with federal law enforcement to enforce immigration laws is costing the state $16 billion in federal funding.  Today is the day New Jersey became a sanctuary state.  Knowing it was coming doesn’t make my anger any less.

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Is this Vincent Squire’s “Season of Giving” or is there more to it? Updated 12/1/18

Failed and disgraced 2018 Camden County Freeholder candidate and 2017 Pennsauken Township Committee candidate Vincent Squire is a convicted Felon with multiple convictions for Theft by Deception and a conviction for Burglary.  He is currently facing Second Degree Felony Assault (for beating his son in the Summer of 2017) and Harassment charges.  I’ve heard (I’ve not read the complaint) that he’s facing Criminal Trespass charges.  He threatened this blogger for attempting to interview him.  He filed frivolous criminal charges against this blogger in an attempt to shut down this blog (he said so on video).   His family home is awaiting Sheriff Sale due to foreclosure.  At one point his family home owed over $1 million in fines and penalties to Pennsauken Township (I’ve not verified that the fines continue to be outstanding since early 2018).   The Camden County GOP when announcing they had disavowed him indicated he had accepted at least one unreported cash donation.  He has failed to file required financial disclosures with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission.  His behavior can only be described as puzzling.  Squire is not only a man with a checkered past but a man with a checkered present.  Why then are seemingly reputable organizations hosting and participating in a charitable event with him?  Especially after he turned his “food drive” for the South Jersey Food bank into a thinly veiled political stunt.  Or are they?

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Asbury Park Press Editorial “Marijuana legalization: Just say no to pot bills”

A November 23, 2018 editorial in the Asbury Park Press makes strong points for the legislature to hold off on advancing a marijuana  bill until legitimate concerns that have been raised about legalization have been answered.  By now a bill has already passed legislative committee but it’s not too late to ensure that legislators take a close look at unanswered questions.  While I continue to oppose a legalized marijuana bill in New Jersey I believe the legislature will pass some form of legislation and want to ensure that the legislature does it’s due diligence.  Why rush a bill to meet a self-imposed timeline?

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NJ GOP Chairman: Dems are conspiring for one-party rule in NJ. You should stop them!

New Jersey Republican State Committee Chair Doug Steinhardt published an Op-Ed piece in the Star Ledger on Monday pointing out that Legislative Democrats are scheming to weaken our State Constitution and marginalize the value of your vote.

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Will “Spartacus” Booker run for President in 2020? Hasn’t NJ suffered enough?

U.S. Senator Cory Booker has said he is considering a run for President in 2020.  Booker has consulted with presidential campaign strategists who worked for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Recently he visited 24 states while campaigning for Democratic candidates in the mid-term elections including early primary states and states predicted to be battleground states.   In October New Jersey lawmakers enacted a bill “Cory Booker’s Law” that would ensure that no one could legally challenge Booker running for President and his Senate seat simultaneously.  According to a Morning Consult/ Politico poll Booker is ranked sixth among Democrats’ preferences for their 2020 candidate.  All of this begs the question between Booker, Menendez and Murphy hasn’t New Jersey suffered enough embarrassment?

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