Unauthorized Democratic campaign signs in Pennsauken

Pennsauken’s Signgate continues.  As I understand it today was the first day the Democratic campaign for Pennsauken Township Committee was distributing lawn signs and already complaints are being reported of residents finding signs on their property that they did not authorize.  The proper way to distribute lawn signs is to get residents permission every year, assuming that properties change hands, not automatically place lawn signs on properties because they did so in the past.  Apparently this did not occur to the Pennsauken Democratic candidates.  Plastering our town with their signs would give the impression that they have a lot of support in town – and that’s apparently all that matters.   Continue reading “Unauthorized Democratic campaign signs in Pennsauken”

A “legalized” marijuana bill is up for a vote in the NJ legislature on October 29, 2018

Back in August New Jersey State Senate President Steve Sweeney told POLITICO in an interview that he believed a “legalized” marijuana bill would pass by the end of September.  At the time Sweeney told POLITICO that he was confident Democrats would secure the needed votes to pass a “legalized” marijuana bill.  Sweeney apparently is so confident that a “legalized” marijuana bill will pass in New Jersey he said “Don’t be surprised when people who say they were against it vote for it” predicting some Republican support.  Apparently we’ll find out shortly as several news outlets reported today that the legislature plans to vote on the measure to “legalize” marijuana on October 29th.  Continue reading “A “legalized” marijuana bill is up for a vote in the NJ legislature on October 29, 2018″

Pennsauken Township needs to enforce a social media policy for officials, employees and board members

We’ve seen Pennsauken Township officials, employees and board members speaking out quite a bit recently on social media about the upcoming election.  It’s no secret that we live in a partisan town.   The Democratic party and their handpicked and groomed successors have run things for over 30-years.  But have they forgotten that they serve the residents of Pennsauken and not the Democratic party?   Continue reading “Pennsauken Township needs to enforce a social media policy for officials, employees and board members”

Italian American Festival October 6th at Cooper River Park in Pennsauken

The Grand Lodge of New Jersey of the Order of Sons of Italy in America and the Camden County Board of Freeholders and Parks Department will be hosting an Italian American Festival and Car Show on October 6, 2018 at Cooper River Park.  This promises to be a day rich in tradition featuring Italian food, kids activities, entertainment, local wine tastings and a beer garden. New this year is a car show featuring Italian made automobiles.  Continue reading “Italian American Festival October 6th at Cooper River Park in Pennsauken”

The Longfellow park survey was handled like most everything in Pennsauken Township government *UPDATE*

After last year’s Pennsauken Township Committee race the Pennsauken School District Bond Referendum became the hot topic in town.  Many may recall at the time I was a supporter of most of the referendum with the exception of the plan to  build a park at the site of the to be demolished Longfellow School.  The Pennsauken School District’s plan was to use $500,000 from the referendum to build a community park once the school was demolished.  The total cost of the project was $800,000.  That included $300,000 to demolish the school and $500,000 to build the park.  I felt and continue to feel this is a gross misuse of tax payer funding. Continue reading “The Longfellow park survey was handled like most everything in Pennsauken Township government *UPDATE*”

Independent Media

When I started the Positively Pennsauken News Blog earlier this year the idea was to have independent media in Pennsauken.  All Around Pennsauken is informative about township events but is operated by Pennsauken Township and is not independent.  I often see it as a promotional tool for our local elected officials.  Last year there was a Pennsauken based political story I tried to pitch to the news media.  The feedback I received was that a story about Pennsauken politics was simply too small to attract the media’s interest.  I felt our residents deserved a place where they could read factual researched based information about our town.  I think the people agree as this blog is gaining popularity and is approaching 10,000 hits recently.  I pay for the hosting and the domain and do not monetize this blog.  I provide it as a service to my fellow residents. Continue reading “Independent Media”

Blind faith and Pennsauken Democrats

The dictionary defines blind faith as “belief without true understanding or perception”.  Bruce Springsteen once said “Blind faith in your leaders, or in anything, will get you killed”.  Why then do Pennsauken Democrats expect residents to blindly support them?

Continue reading “Blind faith and Pennsauken Democrats”

A lesson in character for Vincent Squire

When I hear about most people doing something for the community I am thankful for their selflessness.  When I hear Vincent Squire is doing something for the community my first question is what’s in it for him.  Again Squire did not disappoint.   Continue reading “A lesson in character for Vincent Squire”

Pennsauken officials stack the deck yet again

The Pennsauken Car & Bike show is billed as a community event.  I talked in a previous blog post about how as a car enthusiast I enjoy Pennsauken’s yearly show.   What I didn’t realize was that this was an event for Democratic leaders in town to showcase their Township Committee candidates while attempting to block Republicans candidates from doing the same. Continue reading “Pennsauken officials stack the deck yet again”