Camden County Freeholder Candidate Vincent Squire missed yet another opportunity to tell the truth

Disgraced 2018 Camden County Freeholder and failed 2017 Pennsauken Township Committee candidate Vincent Squire let another opportunity to tell the truth pass.  On Monday October 22, 2018 Squire was a guest on the online radio program Elev8tion Radio.  Squire gave a now third different explanation for his criminal convictions, his inaccurate version of why the Camden County GOP disavowed him, appears to complain that voters should not research him, plays the race card and gives yet another version of the actions of this blogger.

Squire was asked why he is running for office.  His reply was “There is a need.  We have some not good politicians”  He gave his explanation as to why we don’t have good candidates “People who are very well qualified to govern, very well qualified to deal with issues and very well qualified to be great candidates they do not run because of the process of running”.  Squire complains that if you run your life is under a microscope and people are evaluating every aspect of your life.

Squire went on to explain that some people hold him in good standing, some people hold him in great standing and some people “I need to be foreclosed upon”.  The host asks Squire “What makes you in their eyes not good enough to run.  He replies “I don’t know”.  “I don’t know what litmus or measuring stick or what model they are using to judge me and my life and how I should run”.  He says “Those who are negative about his campaign and loathe him cannot find anything because his life has been full disclosure.  Squire claims that “they can’t find it they make it up”.

Squire photo mouth open

Is Squire saying that candidates for public office public office should not be evaluated or have a microscope on their lives?  Is he saying that voters should not research a candidate for public office?  Is he saying that voters should not discuss a candidate for public office?  Squire acts like he has no idea why his detractors feel he is unqualified to run.  I’ve watched several residents tell Squire on social media exactly why they do not feel he is qualified to serve and do not support his candidacy.  Later in the interview Squire appears to insinuate that his detractors issue with Squire is the color of his skin.   I’ve never once seen or heard anyone refer to Squire’s race.  I have talked about my personal opinion on Squire the candidate on my blog;

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To the best of my research and despite Squire’s claim that if “they can’t find it they make it up” all of these bloggers (including me) have done their research and told the truth about Squire.

Squire goes on to say that he was “running for Mayor or Township Committee in Pennsauken” (you would think after his second campaign in Pennsauken he’d realize that you can’t “run for Mayor” of Pennsauken.  You are elected to Pennsauken Township Committee and the Committee members pick the Mayor) when CCGOP Chair Richard Ambrosino asked him to run for Camden County Freeholder. According to Squire “he does not fit into today’s mold of what a Republican looks like.  However they couldn’t find anyone in their cookie cutter strong enough to beat me so rather than run someone against me they decided to elevate me to Freeholder”.  Squire goes on to say “Then I found out how cruel politicians are.  When I started getting some momentum they asked me to step out of the race”.  Squire claims they said he didn’t disclose his record.

This is another in a long list of lies by Squire.  According to this Press Release by the Camden County GOP Squire was disavowed by the CCGOP after he refused to resign because he “was not completely honest about his checkered past.  The organization had taken Squire at his word when he acknowledged his past, paid for a crime he had committed nearly eight years ago, and turned it into a positive by doing volunteer work to prevent recidivism and volunteering with a prison ministry.  Unfortunately, Squire only told part of the story to Party officials and conveniently left out a burglary conviction, that he has used an alias, and has a current second-degree assault charge filed against him by his own son, which is pending in Superior Court”.

Squire also seems to now be giving yet another explanation for his criminal convictions.  According to the profile I pulled from the web site Squire has convictions for three counts of Theft by Deception and one count of Burglary-Enter Structure.  According to the web site his offense dates are September 17, 2004 through March 13, 2006.

Squire Mug Shot

Squire says in this interview that his crimes were related to the downturn in they economy.  According to the U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research the U.S. recession began in December 2007 and ended in June 2009 long before the offenses Squire was convicted of were committed.  Squire had previously given two very different explanations of his convictions.  Is this now a third explanation?  I believe that people make mistakes and should be given a second chance however are they entitled to a second chance if they continue to lie about the circumstances related to criminal convictions?  Are we to trust the word of a political candidate who has given multiple conflicting stories on why he was convicted of serious charges?  I also notice there was no mention of his current pending Second Degree Felony Assault charges.

Squire then addresses me “last week when a political (inaudible) decided to take my prison record and Photoshop it on a Google alert of man named Vincent Squire from Virginia who had a warrant for his arrest for a triple homicide he was being armed and dangerous but he thought it would be a wonderful joke to place my face on to that warrant and place it on social media.  So tell me am I not reminded every day that I’m not a black man?”  This as we all know is a complete lie.  I did not Photoshop anything.  I posted a true news story about a man with the same name wanted in Virginia on a closed private Facebook page that Squire is not a part of.  If you’d like to read the complete true story I talk about it in this blog post Vincent Squire is again threatening to use the legal system to silence his detractors.  Despite Squire’s race-baiting I believe my issues with Squire the candidate are well documented and have nothing to do with his race.

Squire also lied when he said in this video that I was “convicted of two charges”.  Squire filed three charges against me.  The Judge dismissed two at a Probable Cause hearing and allowed a third to move forward.  I believe he also made his true motivation known when he says at the end of the video that “We’re also filing a cease and desist order from your rag, I mean your blog.  So Mr. Astringer we’re shutting you down”.

It is an outrage that Mr. Squire, a candidate for public office, feels that he can use the criminal justice system and courts to shut down a blog that has accurately reported on him (in addition to other candidates running for office).  I talked about that in the blog post Can a public figure and candidate for public office shut down a news blog?  I have also retained legal counsel and plan to aggressively defend against Squire’s efforts to frequently use the court system to shut down legitimate reporting because he doesn’t like the investigative reporting I’ve done.

I wasn’t aware of the existence of this video until someone brought it to my attention on Sunday October 28, 2018.  The video was sent to me letting me know that Squire had referred to me.  At the end of the interview the host reads a question asked by someone named Matt Hunter on the Facebook feed.  Squire responds “Matt Hunter is actually Mike Astringer who we are filing charges against”.  While I have seen Matt Hunter ask questions of Squire on social media I do not know him and have never met him.  I believe him to be a Camden County resident who as I said has asked questions of candidate Squire on social media.  Is this Squire’s new tactic?  Anyone who disagrees with him or does not support him is now Mike Astringer?

I have say that watching this video I’ve added a new reason to not support Squire’s campaign.  Race-baiting.  According to the Urban Dictionary Race-Baiting is defined as “attempting to cloud logic and facts by appealing to emotion through false accusations of discrimination”.  The Urban Dictionary goes on to describe race-baiting as “a favorite spin tactic of politicians used to manipulate people of low intelligence”.  I don’t believe this requires further comment from me.  Watch the video footage for yourself.  The race-baiting by Squire can be found throughout the interview.