Camden County Freeholder candidate Vincent Squire and “Silly Season”

Last Friday disgraced 2018 Camden County Freeholder and failed 2017 Pennsauken Township Committee candidate Vincent Squire put out a video entitled “The Silly Season”.  In this writer’s opinion based on his behavior Squire must consider the entire election cycle “The Silly Season”.  I don’t believe he’s shown us that he took last year’s Township Committee or this year’s Freeholder race seriously 

I’ve talked about Squire’s bizarre behavior in a prior blog post that you can read HERE.  Now in his latest video, posted below in it’s entirety, Squire attempts to make the following points

  • “People who oppose you can’t beat you so they cheat you.”
  • People “link crazy things and fake news” to his Facebook page.
  • He shares his believe that “like that great prophet Jay-Z says you gotta get that dirt off your shoulder”.
  • If they can throw dirt on you and slander you then they can change some people’s opinions about you.
  • People do this so they can “take away the person who wants to do what’s fundamentally right so they can continue doing what’s fundamentally wrong”.
  • He goes on to say “and in that slander they get you to sidestep the issues”.
  • He says “the reason they don’t post about the issues and the problems that we face as residents of Camden County is because we are running against the people who are the issue”.
  • Squire continues “let’s not fall for the okidok (I think that’s what he said) let’s not go for the fake news and all that craziness”.
  • He suggests “vote for someone who is speaking truth to power”.
  • And in closing “vote for a stronger municipality” (he does know he’s running for a county level role not a municipal level role right?  He must know that right?).

I’d like to address some of Squire’s points in the video.

I’m not sure how Squire feels cheated.  I see people (including me on this blog) sharing factual information about Squire.  For example his facing Second Degree Felony Assault charges for beating his son.  He talked about that himself on video

And his prior convictions.  As I’ve talked about previously he has given very different stories on video about his convictions


Squire Mug Shot

And his family home in foreclosure and owing over $1 million in fines and penalties to Pennsauken Township.  He talked about it in a 2017 video claiming the mortgage foreclosure had been resolved yet I have OPRA’d documents showing his family home was still in foreclosure in 2018

And his turning what could have been a positive act for the community into a campaign stunt 

Squire Hunger 2

And being dropped by the Camden County Republican Party 

CCGOP Press Release

Bob and Steve Show 2

And his threatening me for attempting to try to interview him

And his inappropriate comments about domestic violence and suicide

Squire Suicide 2

And illegally parking in handicapped parking spaces (along with his sarcastic reply)

Squire Lincoln

Squire Parking Explination

And bragging about being out campaigning with Bob Hugin but not knowing his name

Bob Huge

And making an inappropriate joke about campaigning in “Sucklerville” (along with a crack at my mother in-law)

Squire mother in law

And his very odd fight against a memorial for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Burlington County.  You can read about that HERE.

And most importantly Squire being wrong on the issues.  In this video Squire talks about developing Petty’s Island (either offering Petty’s Island to Amazon or offering the Pennsauken Country Club to Amazon and moving the Country Club to the island along with development to include homes and a hotel).  He appears completely unaware that Pennsauken Township worked with a developer to develop the island in the early 2000s and that development was halted when a pair of bald eagles were found on the island.  The land was donated to the State of NJ for preservation and currently the New Jersey Natural Lands Trust has an environmental easement on the entire island.  This information could easily have been found if Squire did a Google search but he doesn’t appear to have bothered to do so before making this video

Or his 2017 campaign video talking about developing Pennsauken’s waterfront seemingly unaware that Pennsauken Township does not own the land along it’s waterfront

People have also talked about the fake $10 million lawsuit Squire “served” upon myself, a Pennauken Township employee and another Pennsauken resident.  The docket number on Squire’s “lawsuit” against us matched a completely different lawsuit he had filed against completely different parties.  He fraudulently “served” his “lawsuit” upon us in an attempt to quiet his detractors.  You can see Squire’s fraudulent lawsuit here Squire Fake Lawsuit 2018 as well as the actual lawsuit he filed under that docket number that did not include any of our names here Squire Lawsuit Dems.   This fraud was reported to the Pennsauken Police Department.

I could continue on and on but I believe the point has been made.  Despite Squire’s claims no one is cheating him, throwing dirt at him, slandering him or surrounding him with fake news or craziness.  People are talking about Vincent Squire.

Squire says in the video that people do this so they can “throw dirt on you and slander you then they can change some people’s opinions about you”.  Apparently Squire does not believe that voters should discuss factual information or discuss their opinion of a candidate running for public office.  Can you imagine the uninformed electorate if people did not discuss candidates?  It is a positive that people get involved and talk about candidates running for office!

As far as “sidestepping the issues” I’ve watched voters in Pennsauken ask Squire a variety of questions about his background, qualifications and positions on issues important to voters.  I’ve yet to see him answer a single question.  I believe Squire has been “sidestepping the issues” since he began his political career last year.  We see what happens when someone does attempt to ask him questions

I apologize but I can’t comment on “okidok” because I’ve never heard that term.

I’m not sure what Squire’s version of “truth to power” is but it would appear his version of truth does not match most of our versions of truth.

Apparently Squire doesn’t like this blog.  In addition to threatening to file frivolous criminal charges to silence me he posted this picture earlier this year mocking me as a blogger and my name

Squire Press 2.23.18

Is calling me “Mike Ass Ringer” (a name he’s called me often) the level of maturity we expect from a candidate for Camden County Freeholder?

Mr. Squire you may think this is “silly season” but the voters of Pennsauken and Camden County take those running to represent us very seriously.  Perhaps if you expect to be elected to public office you will begin to take it equally seriously.