Vincent Squire is again threatening to use the legal system to silence his detractors

Disgraced 2018 Camden County Freeholder and failed 2017 Pennsauken Township Committee candidate Vincent squire is again threatening to misuse police and judicial resources to quiet a detractor.  You may remember that Squire fraudulently filed criminal charges against a Pennsauken Township employee who spoke out against him (on his own time).  If you do not recall or not aware you can read about that HERE.  You may also recall that Squire fraudulently “served” a $10 million lawsuit on that same Pennsauken Township employee, myself and a local resident (his fake lawsuit fraudulently included a docket number that did not include any of the three of us and was assigned to a completely different lawsuit.  A report was filed with the Pennsauken Police Department at the time) earlier this year.  It seems Squire is at it again based on his Facebook post tonight.

Squire Jail

First, let me say that I feel cyber bullied by Squire’s constant spelling of my name “Asstringer” instead of “Astringer”.  I think this is his version of a joke.  I’m not sure.  He’s made so many inappropriate jokes in the past year I never quite know when to take him seriously but I digress.  I am kidding.  I am not offended by Squire calling me “Asstringer”.  In fact I believe it shows just how childish he is.

There are so many inaccuracies in Squire’s post I’m not sure what to address first so I’ll start at the beginning.

Squire says that I “wanted his attention” and now I have it.  I really could care less about having Squire’s attention.  I write a blog.  Every word I’ve said about Squire is backed up by documentation or I’ve indicated where I’m stating my opinion.  A 2014 federal appeals court ruling stated that bloggers have the same First Amendment protections as journalists.  Additionally I’ve covered our local Pennsauken Township Committee race much more than I’ve covered Squire or the Camden County Freeholder race.

Next Squire says that I have altered the truth about he and his family.  I’ve never spoken about Squire’s family.  I have spoken about his “family home”, foreclosure actions and outstanding fines and penalties over $1 million dollars.  Much of that documentation including OPRA’d documents and results from a search of the NJ Courts web site are in a prior blog post “Vincent Squire should get his own house in order before he tries to govern yours.  

Next Squire says that I hindered their efforts to replenish the South Jersey Food Bank. I can only assume he is referring to my blog post “A lesson in character for Vincent Squire“.  In that blog post I talk about Squire posting his campaign poster on collection bins for the South Jersey Food Bank and that in my opinion he is turning his “food drive” into a campaign stunt.  I stand behind what I stated in that post.

Squire Hunger 2

He then says that I altered his mugshots.  I took his mugshot (singular – I only have one) directly from the web site   Take a look at the site.  I have altered nothing.

Squire Mug Shot

He mentions fake bankruptcy filings.  I never knew that Squire filed bankruptcy and have never talked about this.

He says that I created fake Facebook pages in his name.  I assume Facebook can pretty easily trace who created a Facebook page.  He should contact Facebook.  I never created any Facebook page in anyone else’s name.  In fact, the only Facebook pages I’ve ever created are the Positively Pennsauken Facebook page and a page for my business.  In addition I co-manage a page for a car club I belong to and am co-Administrator of another Pennsauken focused Facebook page that I did not start.  Just another flat out lie from Squire.

Squire goes on to say that I “altered an arrest warrant for a man named Squire for murder in Roanoke Va” and “added my picture to appear I stabbed my son” (I corrected his misspellings).   Again this could not be further from the truth.

Early this afternoon on the closed private Positively Pennsauken Facebook page I posted a link to an article I saw on the Channel 6 news web site in Richmond Virginia.  The post is as follows


I posted this in the early afternoon and deleted it a few hours later.  I was making a joke in a closed Facebook group to a bunch of people who mostly feel as I do that Squire is unfit to hold office and have watched his inappropriate behavior for over a year.  Many of us relieve the stress of Squire’s lies and inappropriate behavior while running for office to represent us by making jokes.  You may not appreciate my sense of humor but no where did I “alter an arrest warrant”, “add his picture” or make it appear that he had “stabbed his son”.  Once again Squire’s words could not be further from the truth.

I posted the article exactly as it reads on the Channel 6 news web site “Vincent Squire is wanted in connection to a shooting last week on Jefferson Davis Highway in South Richmond. Squire is wanted on charges of attempted murder and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.”  You can read the full article HERE.  Again you may not like my sense of humor but I did none of the things Squire accused me of in his post.  I did not “alter an arrest warrant”, “add his picture” or make it appear that he had “stabbed his son”.  Another Squire lie.

Squire says that he went to the Pennsauken Police, filed a report and I will be charged with Harassment, Fraud and Cyber Bullying.  I went to the Pennsauken Police Department tonight, gave the Desk Officer my name, showed her Squire’s Facebook post and asked her if any report had been filed against me today.  The officer got a good laugh out of all of the typos in the post (my response being YES!  This is the man who wants to be your Camden County Freeholder!) but confirmed that no – no report was made against me today.

Squire goes on to say that I have until 12:00 Midnight tonight to “delete all blogs and images” of him on “all social media” and write a “500 word apology” or “the next mugshots posted will have your face after I sign the warrant for your arrest” (again I corrected his misspelled words).

Respectfully Mr. Squire I will not be making a 500 word apology.  I have a 4-word statement for you but I don’t think you’ll like it.

I am a blogger and according to the federal courts I have a constitutional right to report on a public figure running for public office.  As I stated above everything I’ve said about Squire is backed up by official documentation or I’ve stated my opinion.  Mr. Squire may not like the times I’ve pointed out his lies, the times I’ve pointed out him being wrong on issues, the times I’ve pointed out his inappropriate behavior and statements or my opinion that he is not fit to hold public office (an opinion shared by many).  However he has no right to fraudulently use the criminal justice system to silence me.  I will fight with my last breath and dollar to defend my constitutional rights.  Tonight’s Facebook post by Squire is just another example of his lies and inappropriate behavior.

As I’m typing this I’m wondering what the 2016 Governor’s race in New Jersey, the various local races, senatorial races and the Presidential race would have been like without the freedom of the press that allowed journalists to report on candidates.  I submit that we would have had a large number of uninformed voters.

Let me also add that Squire knows that I am not a member of the closed Facebook group Pennsauken Talks (where he made this post) and that he has me blocked on Facebook so I would not have been able to see the post even if I was a member of the group.  Had someone not sent his post I never would have known it existed.  This is clearly more posturing on Squire’s part.

So Mr. Squire please allow me to be clear.  I will continue to report factual information on your candidacy for Camden County Freeholder (as I will continue to report on the Pennsauken Township Committee race and State of NJ issues) and I will not delete my blog posts.   I will fight until my last breath and last dollar to defend my constitutional rights.  You will not fraudulently use the justice system to silence me or this blog.

In closing let us not forget when Squire threatened this blogger for attempting to interview him;