Unauthorized Democratic campaign signs in Pennsauken

Pennsauken’s Signgate continues.  As I understand it today was the first day the Democratic campaign for Pennsauken Township Committee was distributing lawn signs and already complaints are being reported of residents finding signs on their property that they did not authorize.  The proper way to distribute lawn signs is to get residents permission every year, assuming that properties change hands, not automatically place lawn signs on properties because they did so in the past.  Apparently this did not occur to the Pennsauken Democratic candidates.  Plastering our town with their signs would give the impression that they have a lot of support in town – and that’s apparently all that matters.  

And why would Pennsauken residents support them?  As I talked about in a prior blog post the Democratic candidates are making very little effort to engage with residents and I’ve yet to talk to anyone who knows their platform.  Their campaign strategy appears to be “We will get elected because we are Democrats and Democrats rule Pennsauken!”  Most of us don’t even know who Jessica is outside of the vague bio she posted on their campaign Facebook page.  The Democratic candidates claim they are door knocking and talking about their campaign but we’ve talked about the low probability that you will receive a knock at your door.   We’ve seen previously how they tried to stack the deck.  Is blanketing Pennsauken with yard signs without residents permission an attempt to misrepresent their support?

If this lawn sign appears on your property without authorization please contact me by email mike@positivelypennsauken.com or call/text 609-280-1367.  I will come remove it for you and return it to the Democratic campaign.  I would also like to keep track of the number of unauthorized placements of lawn signs by Pennsauken Democrats.

Unauthorized sign