Blind faith and Pennsauken Democrats

The dictionary defines blind faith as “belief without true understanding or perception”.  Bruce Springsteen once said “Blind faith in your leaders, or in anything, will get you killed”.  Why then do Pennsauken Democrats expect residents to blindly support them?

Driving up Route 130 yesterday I spotted the yearly Pennsauken Democrat’s billboard this time advertising Jessica and Marco.  It got me thinking about how just 34 days before the election Jessica and Marco have yet to engage Pennsauken residents on a large scale, shared their platform or answered resident’s questions and concerns on social media.  They’ve posted a few selfies on their Facebook page but the average Pennsauken voter has yet to have the opportunity to hear their platform or ask them questions.

We are Pennsauken Billboard

We know that they campaigned at the Pennsauken Car Show (where Republicans were instructed not to campaign), they claim to be door knocking (although I’ve demonstrated that the chances of you receiving a visit from them is low), and we know they hosted a $550 per person reception (using Pennsauken Township resources to design their invitations) but why is it that Jessica and Marco continue to refuse to engage with voters?  Why do they expect voters to vote for them blindly?

As I’ve said previously I do not believe that we should have to beg two candidates who claim to want to represent us to share their platform.  Their social media trolls have challenged the opposition to answer tough questions but I’ve yet to see Jessica and Marco answer a single question.  They should be engaging residents on social media and telling us why we should support them.  At just over a month before the election I’ve yet to see them do so.

I’ll share again that the dictionary defines blind faith as “belief without true understanding or perception”.   It seems to me this describes Jessica and Marco’s campaign perfectly.    They appear to expect your votes and support blindly without sharing their platform or how they will make your life better.

Haven’t we tired of the Democratic machine in Pennsauken that benefits no one except those the power brokers bestow their grace upon?  Aren’t we tired of Democratic candidates who don’t feel they have to earn our support?  Aren’t we tired of our town leaders serving multiple masters such as the Pennsauken Sewerage Authority and Pennsauken School District while padding their pensions?  Aren’t we tired of all of the important board and committee seats in Pennsauken going to Democrats as political favors rather than being available to qualified residents?  Aren’t we tired of a lack of transparency and diversity in Pennsauken Township government?  Aren’t we tired of a lack of engagement between Pennsauken Democrats and the residents they claim to represent?

I also hope that the residents of Pennsauken are as offended by their campaign slogan “We are Pennsauken” as I am.  The undertone I read in that message is that their political party is Pennsauken and Pennsauken is their kingdom.  We just live here.  I hope that we all take the opportunity this November to show them that we the people, #TheOther35000, are Pennsauken!