A lesson in character for Vincent Squire

When I hear about most people doing something for the community I am thankful for their selflessness.  When I hear Vincent Squire is doing something for the community my first question is what’s in it for him.  Again Squire did not disappoint.  

I believe that a person’s character is built on the things he does for others that no one knows about.  The most generous people I’ve ever met both in business and in my personal life find joy in giving and making the people around them better.  They ask for nothing in return and do not brag about the things that they do.   They certainly do not turn what could have been a selfless act for the community into a thinly veiled political stunt.

Then there’s Vincent Squire.  A man who presents himself as a man of God.  A man who you would think would spend his days doing selfless acts to better the lives of others.  In this case Vincent Squire appears to be having a food drive to publicize his run for Camden County Freeholder.

Squire News

As you see Squire attaches his campaign poster to social media posts about his food drive and appears quite pleased with himself that Channel 10 news covered it.  I did not see the piece.  Did he mention that he is a (disgraced) candidate for Camden County Freeholder?

Donation container

In fact even the donation containers include “Vote Vincent Squire for Camden County Freeholder”

Squire Hunger

According to Squire Facebook’s new algorithms are limiting the amount of notifications for his Freeholder, I MEAN food drive promotion.  Can you please share?  In fact why don’t you share this blog post.  More people read this blog then Squire’s Facebook page.

Squire Hunger 2

And after you donate food to the Food Bank of South Jersey don’t forget to vote Vincent Squire for Camden County Freeholder.

Squire this truly makes me sad.  People do not donate to the Food Bank of South Jersey to support you as a (disgraced) candidate for Camden County Freeholder.  They donate to help the underprivileged.  A man of character such as you present yourself who truly wanted to help the needy would have helped drive food donations without attaching a campaign poster.

Despite Squire’s worst intentions he did help the Food Bank of South Jersey.  I will be making a large donation and ensuring they know I’d like my donation separate from Squire’s campaign drive.  I try not to associate with Felons and those facing felony charges.