Pennsauken officials stack the deck yet again

The Pennsauken Car & Bike show is billed as a community event.  I talked in a previous blog post about how as a car enthusiast I enjoy Pennsauken’s yearly show.   What I didn’t realize was that this was an event for Democratic leaders in town to showcase their Township Committee candidates while attempting to block Republicans candidates from doing the same.

Well in advance of this community event the Pennsauken Republican Club Chair contacted Pennsauken Township to reserve space on behalf of the Republican Pennsauken Township Committee candidates to set up a tent.  The Republicans were told that this was a non-political event and they could set up a tent but asked not to do so for the individual candidates.

The response the Republicans received read in part “I am not a fan of turning our community events into a D or R campaign site. I would prefer that you register under the Republican Club rather then Candidates.”

I couldn’t make the show yesterday due to a prior commitment but was anxious to get online to see pictures of the event this morning.  Here is one of the first I saw.

Car Show Dem Tent

No where in this tent do I see “Pennsauken Democrats”.  It pretty clearly reads to me “We are Pennsauken.  Jessica Rafeh Marco DiBattista Vote Democrat November 6”.  What happened to being there representing a political club not candidates?  What happened to not “turning our community events into a D or R campaign site”?

Pennsauken Township officials you are kidding right?  You actually tried to block the Republican candidates from attending this event knowing the Democratic candidates would be there campaigning?

Let me say this again so it’s perfectly clear.  When the Republicans attempted to reserve space for their candidates they were told it was a non-political event.  This is a clear case of a Pennsauken Township employee showing favoritism to a political party.

On September 5th I discovered that Pennsauken Township Resources were being used for Democratic Pennsauken Township Committee candidates.  Now this.

Pennsauken residents, is the picture becoming clear?  Signgate appeared to  be an effort by the Democrats to suppress the Republican candidates.  The trolls of the Democratic candidates are out in full force online while the candidates themselves refused to engage with us (other than selfies on their Facebook page).

I believe as I’ve said previously it’s been so many years since the Republicans challenged the Democrats they didn’t think they’d have to work for it this year.  The Democrats appear to be desperately trying to catch up to the Republican candidates – going so far as to try to prevent them from attending a community event.

The Democratic candidates proudly proclaim WE ARE PENNSAUKEN apparently forgetting that the government is not Pennsauken.  The Democrats are not Pennsauken.  WE THE RESIDENTS ARE PENNSAUKEN!  It seems to me the Democrats do not realize they are not Pennsauken.  They believe this is their town.  I look forward to November when the residents of Pennsauken can claim our town back from over 30 years of rule by the power brokers and their handpicked and groomed successors.  The day we can show them WE THE RESIDENTS ARE PENNSAUKEN!

The Democrats run this town like it’s their private kingdom.  I now realize that extends beyond elected officials to paid Pennsauken Township employees.  Pennsauken residents need to ask themselves.  How long are we going to allow this to go on?