The deterioration of New Jersey under Governor Murphy continues

I read an article on the NJ 101.5 web site today entitled “NJ rally demands driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants“.   The article further demonstrates the deterioration of New Jersey under Governor Murphy.  It’s becoming glaringly obvious that there may be no New Jersey left for those of us who believe we are a nation of laws and expect our government to enforce those laws.

According to the article allowing undocumented immigrants to get a driver’s license in New Jersey means an estimated 500,000 people could get licenses. That means in a state of 9-million people there are 500,000 undocumented immigrants?  I didn’t realize the number was that staggering.

American Civil Liberties Union of NJ Executive Director Amol Sinha says if we don’t give undocumented immigrants driver’s licenses we are “creating classes”. Someone should share with Mr. Sinha that it’s the undocumented immigrants created classes. Those classes are legal and illegal.

He also says “Everybody who’s eligible to drive should have a driver’s license because it just makes sense for our state. People shouldn’t have to worry about getting pulled over and being separated from their families when they’re dropping their kids off to school or when they’re going to work”.

He’s right. Everyone who’s eligible to drive should have a driver’s license. However undocumented immigrants are not eligible for any rights or privileges in this country because they are…..wait for it…..HERE ILLEGALLY!  Not to mention if these undocumented immigrants are driving TO WORK as Sinha claims then their employers are breaking the law and should be prosecuted as well!

According to NJ 101.5 Governor Murphy has said he supports the idea. Legislation has been introduced but hasn’t had a hearing.

Gordon MacInnes, President of New Jersey Policy Perspective said “they’d have to take written and behind-the-wheel tests to show they’re safe drivers, then get insurance coverage, reducing the costs for others of covering crashes that involve uninsured drivers so the overall effect of that is a great improvement in safer driving, more people who are covered by insurance. The whole thing is a benefit to the entire state,”

I can think of another way to benefit not just New Jersey but the entire country.  Arrest and deport undocumented and illegal immigrants and if they want to come back to the United States force them to follow a legal path here and be vetted.

As an American citizen born in NJ I have to abide by the NJ DMV’s 6-point ID verification to get or renew my driver’s license. I’ve been at the DMV and watched natural born citizens struggle with the 6-point system. How are undocumented immigrants going to comply? As much of an annoyance as the 6-point system is it was put in place for a reason. Now we are going to throw it away?

The article closes by saying that twelve states currently allow driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants. Unbelievable! Why do we even have laws in this country if we are not going to enforce them? We see how open borders work in Europe. We are 7-days past the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Do we really want to allow undocumented and unscreened immigrants who have come here illegally all of the rights and privileges of American citizens and those who followed the correct path to come here legally?

Undocumented immigrants have no rights in this country or despite Governor Chucklehead’s belief in New Jersey. They are here illegally. They are breaking the law and anyone who employs them is breaking the law. They should be arrested and deported not given sanctuary status, driver licenses, healthcare, free education or anything else. There are paths to come to the United States legally.

You can read the NJ 101.5 article here