Internet trolls and Pennsauken Democrats

A few weeks ago on the Positively Pennsauken Facebook page Pennsauken Deputy Mayor Betsy McBride ended an exchange with residents by saying “Signing off.  I don’t live in social media world“.  Apparently the two Democratic candidates for Pennsauken Township Committee don’t see the value in “social media world” either since they’ve not bothered to engage residents on social media (other than a few selfies and posts talking about things they had nothing to do with).  Unfortunately their Internet trolls are out in full force speaking for them.  

I’ve put out a lot of information on this blog (much more to come!) that I believe will help Pennsauken voters make an informed decision in November.  More importantly Pennsauken Township Committee candidates Lisa Eckel and Sabrina Winkler have been engaging with Pennsauken residents since they launched their campaign.  They’ve engaged with residents on social media, held meet the candidates events, gone out into the community and taken the time to meet with residents one on one.  They’ve laid out their platform and tell residents every day how they will work to make Pennsauken an even better town to live and work.  As they talk to residents and hear their concerns Lisa and Sabrina continue to evolve their platform.  Lisa and Sabrina realize they have to earn every vote and are out in the community working hard to do so.  Lisa and Sabrina will give a voice to #TheOther35000 residents of this town who are not represented by our current leadership.

Unfortunately the Democratic candidates Marco DiBattista and Jessica Rafeh came into this thinking they would not have to work for it. As several important Democrats have told me Marco and Jessica will get elected just because they are Democrats. They have not engaged with voters (although they did hold a $550 per person fundraiser) and their Facebook page is a bunch of selfies and posts talking about things they had nothing to do with. Voters do not know their positions on issues important to Pennsauken residents. Most wouldn’t even know their names if I didn’t say them (I still get messages asking who are the Democratic candidates). Selfies on their Facebook page don’t tell us how they are going to make our town and lives better.

I’ve said since the beginning and will continue to say Marco is more of the same.  He is no different then what Pennsauken has had in leadership for over 30-years.  Marco is employed by the Pennsauken Sewerage Authority as it’s Treasurer and Office Manager.  The Pennsauken Township Committee makes appointments to the Pennsauken Sewerage Authority.  Bill Orth currently serves as the Executive Director of the Pennsauken Sewerage Authority is also a member of Pennsauken Township Committee.  Looking from the outside most people think Orth groomed Marco to run.  Marco was recently appointed to the Pennsauken Planning Board then all of a sudden he’s a candidate for Pennsauken Township Committee.  A groomed handpicked candidate by the Democrats means more of the same.  Marco’s padded pension is not going to do anything to make Pennsauken residents lives better.

Jessica no one seems to know where she came from.  She is an ESL instructor at Rowan and she and her husband own a business.  As far as I can tell she’s never done anything in or for the community.

While Marco and Jessica don’t feel the need to engage with voters (I’ve heard that they attended a few events and post selfies on their Facebook page but I’ve yet to see them announce where voters can meet them.  I’ve yet to see them engage with voters on social media.  I’ve yet to hear their platform or how they will make our lives better) their Internet trolls are out in full force.  The Democrats have not had a serious challenger in over 30 years (to the best of my knowledge). Now they are in attack mode because they don’t know how else to respond.  These trolls resort to personal attacks and stretching the truth rather than talking about the issues.  More importantly these trolls speak rather than Marco and Jessica coming out to speak for themselves.  It’s arrogant and every voter in Pennsauken should be offended that the Democratic candidates don’t think they need to bother engaging with residents to get their votes.

I say to the Internet trolls (all three or four of you) that all you are doing is making you and your candidates look foolish.  Stop being the official spokespersons of Marco and Jessica and let them come out and engage with voters.  Let them stop being so arrogant in thinking they don’t need to speak to voters, allowing their keyboard tough guys to speak for them and start earning votes.  Let’s stop with the personal attacks and stretching the truth.  Let’s talk about issues important to Pennsauken residents.  We’re all waiting for Marco and Jessica to come out and speak.

I realize this scares the machine.  I realize the Pennsauken power brokers and those they’ve bestowed their grace upon are nervous.  I realize that those who are counting on their padded pensions are panicked.  I realize that those who have run Pennsauken like their kingdom without a serious challenger in over 30-years are not sure how to react.  The days of Democratic candidates getting elected simply because the are Democrats is over.  #TheOther35000 will finally get their voice and power back.   I’m sorry Marco and Jessica.  I know that you thought you’d slide into power without engaging voters.  I’m afraid you are going to have to put in the work.  Pennsauken Democrats have not put in the work in over 30-years.