Where’s Marco?

I’ve been asking myself a lot lately “Where’s Marco and Jessica?”   I’ve given our Democratic Township Committee candidates a primer on social media engagement.  I’ve shared the statistics by age group of who goes to the Internet to research information.  Our Republican Township Committee candidates have given them a great lead to follow but they’ve just not bothered engaging with voters on social media.  Apparently Democrats in Pennsauken are so confident you’ll continue to vote for them they don’t feel the need to engage with voters.We do know that Marco and Jessica are busy hosting $550 a plate fundraising dinners at the Pennsauken Country Club.  According to the 2010 census Pennsauken had a median household income of $57,241.  Did you go to a $550 a plate fundraising dinner at the Pennsauken Country Club?  I didn’t.  In fact in a town with a $57,241 median household income I’m left wondering who did?  Certainly this was not Marco and Jessica engaging with the average Pennsauken resident

AAP Dems 2

Let us not forget that this invitation along with other campaign materials for Marco and Jessica were stored under the All Around Pennsauken domain.  I talked about that here Are Pennsauken Township resources being used to help Democratic candidates? 

I consider myself pretty dialed in but I’ve yet to see or hear of Marco and Jessica engaging with anyone other than those making large campaign donations at a dinner most of us couldn’t afford to attend.  They do have a Facebook page but all they’ve posted is a few selfies (I’d still like to know if Marco was getting paid by the Pennsauken Sewerage Authority while attending an ALF-CIO Labor Day event with Norcross, Murphy, Menendez and others) and a few posts mentioning things they had nothing to do with (like Bayada Nurses coming to Pennsauken).

More importantly we have not seen Marco and Jessica talk about the issues facing the average Pennsauken resident.  I find this astounding.  The Democrats have run this town like their own kingdom for over 30-years.  Marco and Jessica have access to detailed township government information that Sabrina and Lisa would have to obtain via an OPRA request.  It would be much easier for Marco and Jessica to engage with residents and tell us how they are going to make Pennsauken and even better place to live and work yet we’ve heard nothing.  Not a word.

In my opinion Marco and Jessica do not feel they need to bother engaging with voters.  All one has to do is think about their campaign slogan WE ARE PENNSAUKEN.  They are the hand picked successors to the Democratic machine in Pennsauken.  Important Democrats in this town have told me that they believe they will win because they are Democrats and Democrats have held (and brokered) the power in this town for over 30-years.  They don’t need to talk to you or tell you how they will make your lives better because they believe that you will vote for them anyway.

Yesterday Marco made a post on Facebook.  When I saw it I thought “Finally!”.  I should have known better.   In his Facebook post he talked about his passion for the community and having always wanted to run for Township Committee.  He talked about his career with the Pennsauken Sewerage Authority (and spelled Sewerage wrong in his post calling it the “Pennsauken Sewage Authority.  I would think as the Authority’s Office Manager and Treasurer he’s seen the name once or twice).  Marco doesn’t talk about serving multiple masters being employed by the Pennsauken Sewerage Authority as its Treasurer and Office Manager, having recently been appointed to the Pennsauken Planning Board and now running for Pennsauken Township Committee. He also doesn’t talk about how if elected to Pennsauken Township Committee his padded pension will benefit Pennsauken voters (Spoiler alert:  His pension will do nothing for you).

Marco ends his post with “Jessica and I want the community members to know we are there for them.  We are running as residents not just as political candidates.  I am running as a neighbor and friend”

Really Marco?  That’s it?  I have plenty of friends and an entire neighborhood full of neighbors.  Voters in Pennsauken want to know how you are going to make our lives and town better!  That’s right your campaign slogan WE ARE PENNSAUKEN  says it all.

Pennsauken haven’t we tired of the Democratic machine in Pennsauken that benefits no one except those the power brokers bestow their grace upon?  Aren’t we tired of our town leaders serving multiple masters such as the Pennsauken Sewerage Authority and Pennsauken School District while padding their pensions?  Aren’t we tired of all of the important board and committee seats in Pennsauken going to Democrats as political favors rather than being available to qualified residents?  Aren’t we tired of a lack of transparency in Pennsauken Township government?  Aren’t we tired of a lack of engagement between Pennsauken Democrats and the residents they claim to represent?

Pennsauken are we ready for a government that will represent #TheOther35000?

This November there is a better choice.  Two residents who have stepped forward because they want to serve their community and give Pennsauken residents a voice.  Two candidates who have been engaging with Pennsauken residents both online and offline since the day they launched their campaign.  Two candidates who have laid out their platform on how they will make our town even better.  Two candidate who listen to residents concerns every single day.  Two candidates who care.  Two candidates who are not part of the Democratic machine that has ruled Pennsauken for over 30 years and benefited few residents.  Those two candidates are Sabrina Winkler and Lisa Eckel.