Most candidates running for office talk about change. For some it’s “hope and change” or “change you can count on” but most talk about change without being specific about the change they offer.  The simple word change appears to be a word that makes voters believe a candidate will make their lives better. For Pennsauken Township Committee candidates Sabrina Winkler and Lisa Eckel change is not a campaign slogan.  Sabrina and Lisa offer the change that Pennsauken residents need the most.

Sabrina and Lisa offer a change from the power broker one party machine that has ruled Pennsauken for over 30 years.  A system that has not benefited Pennsauken residents but has benefited those the power brokers choose to reward.  Sabrina and Lisa will give a voice back to #TheOther35000 who seem to have been forgotten by Pennsauken government. They are running on a platform of transparency within Pennsauken Township government, increased engagement between Pennsauken Township government and residents, increasing the quality of life of all Pennsauken residents, increasing community pride and attracting businesses to Pennsauken. Sabrina and Lisa are running because they have a passion for our community and want to serve the people.


Unfortunately the Pennsauken Democratic party is offering us more of the same. They are offering a continuation of a one party system in Pennsauken. A continuation of the machine.  A continuation of grooming their handpicked successors. A continuation of power brokers who reward a small group.  Let me ask you.  Has this one party power broker machine benefited you?

Let’s take Marco DiBattista.  DiBattista serves as the Pennsauken Sewerage Authority Treasurer and Office Manager.  He would appear to be have groomed for Pennsauken Township Committee by Bill Orth who currently serves as Executive Director of the Pennsauken Sewerage Authority and a member of Pennsauken Township Committee.   As he’s being groomed by the power brokers to serve on Pennsauken Township Committee DiBattista was recently appointed to the Pennsauken Planning Board.  Do we really need another member of Pennsauken Township Committee who serves multiple masters?  Haven’t we had enough of elected officials in this town whose motivation seems to be to boost their pensions?

groomed to be their successor

While Sabrina and Lisa are engaging voters on social media and in neighborhoods the Democratic candidates have not bothered. All we’ve gotten from them is a few selfies on their Facebook page. No engagement with residents. Nothing about the issues or how they want to improve Pennsauken government or the lives of Pennsauken residents. You probably wouldn’t even know their names if I didn’t keep saying them. Apparently they don’t feel they need to engage with residents. They feel the residents of Pennsauken will vote for them because they are told to by the machine.


Our forefathers envisioned a “government for the people by the people”.  In 1776 America declared its independence.  The American colonies tired of taxation without representation.  It’s time that Pennsauken stands up, declares it’s independence from the machine and votes for representation for #TheOther35000.  A government in Pennsauken that is for the people and by the people not for and to benefit the power brokers and their pensions.